Weekly Grammar Question: When is the future not the future? When it’s the future in the past!

The future in English is a wonderful minefield of oddities and exceptions but one thing that actually makes a little bit of sense but is often avoided by students is the future in the past. The idea here is to discuss the future of a past time. It’s very useful, especially for discussing faile … Read more

EC London 30+ is an Excellent English school

  Telmo, from Brazil tells us about his experience at EC London 30+ . He was with us for 4 weeks and took a General English (20 lessons) course. His favourite thing to do in the evening and at the weekends was walking around, eating and shopping!   EC London 30+ is an excellent English sch … Read more

Words of the Week: Health

It’s pretty cold here in London and everyone’s health is at risk, it seems like everyone in the city is ill. It’s nothing serious of course, just a cold or the flu but it’s everywhere. Just this morning on the tube somebody sneezed on the back of my neck…this was not pl … Read more

Weekly Grammar Question: Regret

So often we do things we instantly regret. Just the other day I agreed to help my friend move house…this was a bad idea. When I got there his house was filthy and we had to clean up before we could even start packing. It took us hours and hours to get all of his stuff into boxes. He’d li … Read more