Studying English has always been something I enjoyed – A Testimonial by Juliana

    Studying English has always been something I enjoyed doing. I knew that English could help me pursue some of my dreams and I had the feeling it would teach me more than I could ever imagine. But could English help me be more creative? The answer is YES! Being at EC Covent Garden for a month contributed a lot for this thought. I got inspired since my first day by the way the school rules were presented to us. They could have chose to send us all the information thorough our email account or gave us a brochure with all the schools guidelines, but instead they decided to go for a dynamic and interacted conversation. The inspiration came from the teachers as well. I remember a teacher that used the color of our shoes as a criteria to put us in pairs for an activity. Some other teachers would use a game to teach business vocabulary or engage us to assume a corporate roll in order to check if we got the lesson right. The way every class was unique inspired me to delivery what needs to be delivered in my job being more creative. I leave the school full of insights thanks to all teachers and EC Crew that every day choose to be dynamic, creative and passionate when it comes to teaching English! Thanks a lot! p.s: for EC Covent Garden students and new ones I invite you to find out which teacher would use the criteria of shoe’s color to put us in pair for a class activity 🙂   Juliana Ferrari Rodrigues (Brazilian) – English for Work 30 lessons   Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, … Read more

LEARN AND EXPLORE – Why is English Pub Culture So Important?

      The Romans were the first to introduce Pubs 2000 years ago known as Tabernae’s but when the Romans left so did the Tabernae’s. It was not until 700AD that Ale houses reopened and were most popular for the poorer class. In the 1200’s Ale houses (later known as pubs) were becoming more popular and were commonly used for travellers as a place to drink and stay. In the 1550’s Ale houses became more popular with the affluent classes because wine was now commonly sold and was the main drink for the wealthy. In 1652 the first coffee houses were opened but they were not a threat to the ever increasing popularity of the Ale houses. By 1660 Alehouses were so popular that most English lived within a short walk of a pub. Unfortunately this period did not last long as England was hit by two disasters that would forever change the landscape of Ale houses in London. Firstly in 1664 the Great plague also known as the Black Death appeared which killed about 25% of London’s population and caused havoc throughout England and the Rest of Europe. Secondly The Great Fire of London in 1666 destroyed most of the city. Most buildings at this time were made of wood and the fire destroyed an estimated 80% of all wooden based buildings. The aftermath of these two catastrophes meant Ale House numbers were massively reduced. However rather than feeling sorry for themselves Londoners saw the positive in these disasters and what followed was a huge resurgence in the construction of concrete based buildings and within a decade London had repaired most of the destruction. By 1830 beer was seen as medicinal and not bad for the health especially as alcohol at this time was healthier than water. This … Read more

Studying English in London – Laia, Intern London 30+

    Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to introduce myself; my name is Laia, I’m from Spain and I studied Business and Marketing. My story at EC started 5 months ago when I decided to immerse myself in a second language for the purpose to widen my opportunities in my inexperienced career. Although I’ve been studying in different English schools during the summer time over the past 4 years, I asked people around me who was in the same situation. Recently we had finished our degree and just two options were possible. On one hand we can apply for a job, but the bad thing is that we don’t have experience and this requirement is always essential; also we are living a bad economic situation which makes it more difficult to achieve this option. On the other hand we can keep learning or improving our skills with a post degree, a second or third language and also doing some internships; but later rather than sooner we will have to deal with the job market. The combination of all these reasons is the one that made me focus firstly on improving my English level, and secondly to develop my career. I chose EC Los Angeles as a first experience because I really like the idea about American life and with their programme I had the possibility to complete it in England, where I wanted to emphasise on my career. By the way I am now sitting now at the reception of EC Covent Garden, for 4 weeks, working as Academic Intern. My duties are very diverse; from general administration or academic tasks, to deal, with teachers and students, writing blogs, or to be involved with our system and running reports, etc. I know it is early to speak about … Read more

English Lessons for Adults in the UK

From student to student: Tips to have a smooth beginning at EC London 30+ Juliana, Brazilian, who just started Business Course at EC last week Facing a new challenge can be nerve racking in many ways. To me, I would say that studying abroad is one of the things we do want to do but when the first day at EC London 30+ English school arrives each one of us has a personal list full of mixed feelings. But here we are, in London, a great city and for us we can get carried away! So much to see and enjoy… I had the opportunity to study abroad in the past and because of this I had clear expectations of EC in my first days. But sometimes we don’t know exactly what to expect so hopefully this post can help those looking for inspiration and tips! To start: BE CURIOUS! Look for the meaning of the words in this post you are not familiar with, try to read about the neighbourhood where EC is located, the history of London, look for tips directly from local people and ask as many questions you want for the EC crew! I’ve found them really helpful and nice! So far, so good 🙂 We are all together in this learning process and I bet you want to leave EC better than when you arrived so let’s make this happen. How? Here comes my second point: BE OPEN! Respecting your personality try to be as much open as you feel comfortable with! This helps you listen better, learn from different cultures, can help you connect more easily with people and be in an empathetic environment. Also I would add one more thing BE HONEST when communicating! Don’t be afraid to show a different opinion, bring a … Read more