Students testimonials – May 2015

Have a read of some of our student’s testimonials this month!     Dear Sir or Madame, I enjoyed very much and learned good English. The best lesson I liked the business class. The teachers were very friendly and allways in a good mood. Best Regards, Marcel Marcel Werner Haueter, Swiss (Intensive English for work course, 3w) My stay at school was very good! I think I had improve my English. The teachers Teresa, Jess, Kristy and Ben were very helpful and nice I learnd much from them! Thans so much!!!! Monica Lozano, Spanish (Intensive English, 2w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) I’m gonna recommended EC School to my friends. London is good choose to study English. Artur Kostowski, Polish (Intensive English, 1w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

An interesting English lesson on writing stories!

  Today, one of our wonderful teachers, Benjamin John Archer, taught a lovely English lesson with his class. They listened to him reading out a story at native-speaker speed and then they had to recreate the story based on the notes they had taken and their knowledge of English grammar. It’s a great exercise called a dictogloss. It was great to see all of the different variations of the story and the wonderful ways they used the language and it was also nice to see the use of colour. They might all be over 30 here at EC London 30+ but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to be creative! What was really interesting was that in this English lesson the students combined their knowledge of grammar to make corrections until they finally had a workable version of the story Ben had told them. Great stuff altogether! If you’re interested in an English lesson like this one, come and join one of our adult English courses in London. If you’d like to practise your English before you come or after you leave, try our learn English website.

London isn’t just a huge city! Check out these places.

OK, so we all know that London is a busy metropolitan city, we’ve all been in the station in the morning waiting behind a sea of people, trying to squash our way onto an already over-crowded train and then travelling to school with our face squashed into someone’s armpit…it’s disgusting, it’s busy but it’s London. And we don’t mind that it is a huge, busy city because this means we are always within easy reach of musicals, international cuisine, Michelin star restaurants, an amazing night life and countless free museums and wonderful galleries.   However, did you know that over half of London is GREEN SPACE? Yes, that’s right, 62% of London is actually green parks or gardens. According to this interesting article, London has more public green space than Berlin, New York, Paris and Istanbul.   So let’s get out there and enjoy it. As it is getting warmer now in London (check out the forecast), here are a few of my favourite parks in London. Go, bring a picnic and let us know how you get on.   (1) Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath is located in North London and is absolutely amazing. There are public lakes that you can swim in on really hot days or you can lie out under the sun with a picnic and just relax. It’s a lovely place to go for a walk and you can always visit Kenwood House , which is a wonderful old house with lots to see inside…and it’s all free. (2) Russell Square One of my favourite things about London is that one minute you can be on a busy, noisy road full of traffic and pedestrians and if you just walk one street back, you can often find yourself in a lovely little park away from everybody, sitting on … Read more

Dynamic English lessons for adults!

When we think about adult English lessons, people very often imagine very serious students sitting around doing lots of grammar exercises. Well, they’d be partly correct. Here, at EC London 30+, our students are very motivated and serious but that doesn’t mean that all of our lessons are about sitting down doing gapfill exercises. Check out this lesson for instance: Today, one of our teachers had his students running out of the classroom carrying messages to their partners and working on their pronunciation and listening skills. He then went on to use these messages to teach “used to” to his students. This dynamic and interesting teaching style is quite typical of our teachers at EC. Check out the pictures of this English lesson below.   Keep coming back for more interesting lessons and blogs on grammar, secret London locations and messages from our wonderful past students. Please feel free to leave us a comment anytime.  If you are interested in learning more about our adult English lessons, check out our website. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

Matthias Pohl having English for work lessons at EC London 30+

Matthias has very kindly allowed us to share his experiences at EC London 30+ with all of you. This is the testimonial he wrote on his final day, last Friday. Matthias Pohl is a consultant who decided to study English for work for 3 weeks and, according to his teachers, was a great addition to all of his lessons, really throwing himself in and making the most of every class.       + People over 30 years old + Funny teacher, very friendly + After the first day, I know it was the right decision to book an English course at EC London 30+ + Good prices in the cafe + EC London 30+ is in a good area in London – Nothing I’ll be back 🙂 Matthias Pohl, German Thank you, good luck with everything and we hope to see you soon! Check out our website if you’re looking for a English for Work course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

Juliana speaks about her adult business English course in London 30+

Testimonial: Juliana Rodrigues and her business English course

  Unfortunately we recently had to say goodbye to an absolutely fantastic student. Juliana spent a month studying English in EC London 30+. She attended our English for work intensive course and according to her teachers she really threw herself into her lessons and her presentations were absolutely fantastic. She will be sorely missed but we wish her luck in everything she does and hope to see her again. She, very kindly, wrote a lovely description of her experience on her English course at EC London 30+:   English is a topic I will always focus and study, but when I decided to take a new course abroad I knew I would need to find something different from the English schools I had previously attended! EC London 30+ was a perfect choice thinking about my current moment! It was a combination of adults students, network, business classes focused on our needs and great atmosphere! I also have to say that the teachers were outstanding and EC crew super committed to meet up our expectations! Glad I went for EC London 30+! So, thank you very much Juliana and good luck.  Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

“EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option”

After 7 weeks, we have to say goodbye to one of our students as he is finished his English for Work course. Here is the testimonial of Eduardo Nunes, from Brazil, he finished his intensive English course in EC london 30+ last Friday.       London was not my 1st option to learn English. I was looking for small/calm city to stay. But EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option. And it really was a surprise. EC London 30+ was exactly what I was looking for. The best teachers, classmates, staff, location… everything was perfect. I’ll recommend to my friends and I’ll be back! The extra activities were the best way to interact with other students and enjoy the city. Thanks EC London 30+!!! Special thanks to: Georgia, Matt, Chris, Clare, John, Matthew, Adam and Sara!!! Eduardo Nunes (Brazilian) Thank you so much Eduardo from EC London 30+ team. We hope to see you soon 🙂 !! Check out our website if you’re looking for an Intensive English course  in London or if you are interested in learning more about EC London 30+ If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.