Students testimonials – May 2015

Have a read of some of our student’s testimonials this month!     Dear Sir or Madame, I enjoyed very much and learned good English. The best lesson I liked the business class. The teachers were very friendly and allways in a good mood. Best Regards, Marcel Marcel Werner Haueter, Swiss (Intensive English for work … Read more

An interesting English lesson on writing stories!

  Today, one of our wonderful teachers, Benjamin John Archer, taught a lovely English lesson with his class. They listened to him reading out a story at native-speaker speed and then they had to recreate the story based on the notes they had taken and their knowledge of English grammar. It’s a great exercise called … Read more

London isn’t just a huge city! Check out these places.

OK, so we all know that London is a busy metropolitan city, we’ve all been in the station in the morning waiting behind a sea of people, trying to squash our way onto an already over-crowded train and then travelling to school with our face squashed into someone’s armpit…it’s disgusting, it’s busy but it’s London. And … Read more

Dynamic English lessons for adults!

When we think about adult English lessons, people very often imagine very serious students sitting around doing lots of grammar exercises. Well, they’d be partly correct. Here, at EC London 30+, our students are very motivated and serious but that doesn’t mean that all of our lessons are about sitting down doing gapfill exercises. Check … Read more

Matthias Pohl having English for work lessons at EC London 30+

Matthias has very kindly allowed us to share his experiences at EC London 30+ with all of you. This is the testimonial he wrote on his final day, last Friday. Matthias Pohl is a consultant who decided to study English for work for 3 weeks and, according to his teachers, was a great addition to all … Read more

“EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option”

After 7 weeks, we have to say goodbye to one of our students as he is finished his English for Work course. Here is the testimonial of Eduardo Nunes, from Brazil, he finished his intensive English course in EC london 30+ last Friday.       London was not my 1st option to learn English. I was … Read more