Come and study English at EC LONDON 30+ and experience Wimbledon in your free time.

Summer Festivals

The summer can be a wonderful time to study English. There are many traditional summer events in Britain –the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Notting Hill carnival, cricket at Lord’s- but one of the most recent and popular traditions is the summer music festival. It all started in the late ‘60s on the Isle of Wight, … Read more

A student studying English at EC LONDON 30+

The Big New Move – New office

Studying English just got even better at EC LONDON 30+ The big move to our new Euston office took place this month and what excitement for all. The new building has been praised for its smart classrooms, great technology, social reception and beautiful views. Studying English at EC just got even better! Students and teachers alike … Read more

A student watching TV and learning English at EC LONDON 30+

Is watching English TV good for learning English?

The answer is yes! Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from watching TV In English. Watching soaps in English can provide you with lots of slang and English expressions. If you’re interested in politics, watch the current affairs programmes for up to date understanding of British politics and news. Or simply tune … Read more

A week in London to learn English

  I’m Lewis; I’m seventeen years old and live in a town called Brighouse in the North of England, close to Manchester and Leeds, four hours on the train from London! I’m currently studying: Maths, Physics, French and Music at Greenhead College in Huddersfield. I’m here at EC Language learning School, London for the week … Read more

Student work – EC LONDON 30+

One of our lovely students, Pia, studying at EC LONDON 30+ decided she wanted to do some extra writing outside of her usual class time as she is preparing for an exam in the future. We sat down and I directed her towards some self-study books. After just a few days, she came back to … Read more

London Markets

Learning English is not just about what happens in the classroom. Of course it’s important to come to your lessons but it’s also about what you do with the wide variety of vocab, grammar and expressions you are exposed to. Speaking outside in the real world ( the vibrant city of London for our EC … Read more

Carolina Ramirez at EC London 30+

Carolina arived at EC London 30+ the 9th May, and she was studying in our school for 12 weeks. We’re really going to miss her but she has very kindly agreed to share her experience of EC LONDON 30+ with you. She began at pre-intermediate and in just 12 short weeks she managed to reach upper intermediate, … Read more

Making friends at EC!

One of the perks of teaching English on our adult English courses here at EC 30+ is hearing what students  have to say both past and present. I was very happy to hear from an ex student Janpen this week and she has kindly allowed me to share this bit of news from her. Last … Read more

Grammar blogs: Reported Speech – What did he say?

  If you’re studying English, I’m  sure you’ll have come up against reported speech. It can be quite confusing for new students. Well, in an effort to help you to understand it, one of our teachers has kindly put together a blog explaining the general rules of direct and indirect (reported) speech.   When we … Read more