Is watching English TV good for learning English?

A student watching TV and learning English at EC LONDON 30+
A student watching TV and learning English at EC LONDON 30+

The answer is yes! Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from watching TV In English. Watching soaps in English can provide you with lots of slang and English expressions. If you’re interested in politics, watch the current affairs programmes for up to date understanding of British politics and news. Or simply tune in to BBC iPlayer to see what’s popular at the moment and learn something new about English culture.

If you prefer a boxset there’s no better way of getting swept away into English and seeing how much more you understand after episode 10 compared with episode 1. You may really surprise yourself!

If you prefer the movies then head to the cinema. Most cinemas have a showing with subtitles once a week for the deaf community so if you’re nervous about watching a film without subtitles then book in for one of those screenings.

That reminds me… students often ask if it’s better to watch films with or without subtitles. The answer? Both!

I recommend watching films in English with the subtitles on so that you can see all those grammar structures you’re learning about in use. Then switch of the subtitles and see how much you can follow. And if you’re watching a film with a friend don’t forget to chat in English as you watch: ‘pass the popcorn!’

Whatever you like to watch the most important thing is that you sit back and enjoy. Learning English should be a fun activity and it’s amazing how much more we can learn when we’re relaxed.


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