It was one of the best experiences

As promised before I left London, here I am to summarize the experience I have just finished at the EC London 30+ English School for all concerned. It was one of the best experiences that I have lived! The courses are structured in a way that you learn while having fun and the results are tangible. The teachers and managers (Suzie Abrahamson, David Byrne, Richard Quarterman) are highly qualified and always available to help students. In my case in just four weeks, with daily commitment, I made excellent progress. Are also essential the moments of socialization. The school allowed me to find many peers (adult students 30+) and share with their lessons, free time, trips and daily outings. Not only I have made new friends, which I really hope to keep in touch for a long time, but it helped me to understand and speak the language more and more. The school’s atmosphere is really positive and relaxed and this helps a lot do not feel you the weight of fatigue, that, however, there is because you have to study. Another interesting thing is the coffee room: here you can have breakfast, lunch and ‘snack-food’ to prices you will never find in London. The staff is very nice and you can find Italian cuisine, like lasagna, pasta, etc .. Great time to socialize! You can choice about the accommodation in the family, in the hostel or in student accommodation ….it depends on your preferences.… …and besides there’s London that makes you fall in love. You can spend your hang out visiting museums (e.g British museum, The National Gallery, Sherlock Holmes house-museum), monuments (e.g. Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Tower Bridge and Tower of London), districts (e.g Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Chelsea, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square), a … Read more

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Well, it’s that special time of year again. No, it’s not my birthday. No, it’s not Christmas day…IT’S WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY!!!!!!! As you may know, here at EC LONDON 30+, we are very proud of our teachers. They go out of their way to think up new and wonderful ways of presenting the English language to our fantastic students. So it’s with great pleasure that we celebrate them and tell them just how wonderful they are. Today at EC LONDON, we treated our teachers to a sumptuous lunch of sandwiches, cakes, chocolates, finger food and fruit. We all sat around the teachers’ room, laughed and ate and said thank you to everyone for being the best teachers we could possibly imagine. Our students also got in on the action, thanking their favourite teachers and buying them chocolates. One of our teachers, Benjamin, even got some brand new socks from a funky sock shop in Covent Garden! So thank you to all of our wonderful students for your kindness. So, check out all of our wonderful pics below and don’t forget to tell your teacher how fantastic they are!                               If you’d like to experience our wonderful teachers, come and visit us at EC LONDON 30+

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Satoko’s wonderful experience at EC London 30+

Satoko wanted to learn English with people of a similar age and decided to study at EC London 30+. She was with us for 4 weeks during the summer. Satoko booked an English for Work course and made amazing progress during the short time she was here. Satoko would like to share her experience. Good luck Satoko, we miss you! I’ve been to EC for 5 weeks. Compare to other language school, EC has a special feature that setting up target age upper 30 years old. Which is great! I can make friends very easily and all people I met here are mature, nice and attractive people. I made a lot of friends! The lessons are excellent! Although I struggled to speak about various difficult business topics, the teachers taught me with very sincere and pleasure way. My favourite teachers are John and Adam. They are really motivated and I can see they like teaching and have great skills and technique. I had a great laugh in their class, improved listening skills and speaking skills. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary, phrases and how to speak naturally. I like social event too. They have variety of events every day. It’s a good opportunity to make friends. I joined many events. I enjoyed this school so much. I’d love to come back again! Thank you very much!! Satoko Kumaki, Japanese – English for Work 30     If you would like to Learn English in London, please visit our website for more information. We have many courses to suit your needs so please get in contact!  

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English: From British to American and everything in between!

Each week on our adult English course at EC LONDON 30+ one of our teachers delivers a free lecture to our students. The idea is that at some point in the future our students will need to attend a presentation, a lecture or a speech in English and we would like to give them some real-life experience in this area. Yesterday in our weekly lecture, we spoke about the history of the English language, looking at all of the different influences English has had and all of the changes that have happened to the language over the years. Of all of the information in this lecture, there were a few points that our students found really interesting: English is spoken in 101 countries around the world. But it is only the 3rd most spoken language in the world after Mandarin and Spanish. English speakers do not study English grammar at school. Instead they study the spelling because this is what is most difficult in the English language. Shakespearean English is not considered Old English, it is actually Modern English…however, modern English has changed quite a bit since Shakespeare wrote his world-famous plays and sonnets. Each week our students are invited to learn something knew about British culture or the English language. So far this year we have had lectures on a variety of topics but the most popular have been: British Food Relations between Ireland and Britain (From 1200 – present day) Sherlock Holmes The Bloomsbury Set If you’re interested in learning more about English culture while also improving your English, why not try an adult English course at EC LONDON 30+