It was one of the best experiences

As promised before I left London, here I am to summarize the experience I have just finished at the EC London 30+ English School for all concerned. It was one of the best experiences that I have lived! The courses are structured in a way that you learn while having fun and the results are tangible. … Read more

Learn to have fun with the English language at EC LONDON 30+


Well, it’s that special time of year again. No, it’s not my birthday. No, it’s not Christmas day…IT’S WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY!!!!!!! As you may know, here at EC LONDON 30+, we are very proud of our teachers. They go out of their way to think up new and wonderful ways … Read more

Learn English at EC London 30+

Satoko’s wonderful experience at EC London 30+

Satoko wanted to learn English with people of a similar age and decided to study at EC London 30+. She was with us for 4 weeks during the summer. Satoko booked an English for Work course and made amazing progress during the short time she was here. Satoko would like to share her experience. Good luc … Read more