Looking back at 2015 – EC London 30+

Sarah, one of our teachers at London 30+, talks us through our EC London 30+ year in seasons. Enjoy!   Spring Spring is a time of renewal and for EC this year it was just that! The big move went ahead smoothly and Students enjoyed the sparkly new classrooms and change from Covent Garden to our London base in the hustle bustle of Euston. Practising English whilst discovering the town is a fab way of taking all the new vocabulary that you learn in the classroom out onto the streets. Our new venue proved to be at the heart of things with great accessibility to all the hotspots London has to offer. And as spring saw trees blossom and flowers bloom EC witnessed our student’s English flourishing. If you want to learn English at this time of year it is a lovely time to explore the city and make new friends. Summer It was a thriving summer here at EC with people from all over the world meeting and making friends for life. Some students came for just a week or two to brush up on old skills and increase their fluency whilst others stayed the entire summer and exceeded expectations in the amount of new English grammar points and vocabulary they obtained. Students enjoyed concerts in the park, the proms, trips down the river, our wonderful summer festivals including the Notting Hill carnival. Hard work and lots of fun seem to be the key to successful language acquisition and here at EC we offer both. So if you’d like to learn English at EC next summer make sure you time it with some of London’s best summertime festivals and concerts. Autumn As we waved goodbye to the long light summer evenings and outdoor eateries we welcomed in the colours … Read more

Learning English – A Poem, by Sandra

This wonderful poem is a classic example of the creativity of our students on our English courses here at EC London 30+. In our English Classes not only do you practice your English grammar, pronunciation and skills such as reading, listening and speaking but you also get to be creative in your writing.  Learning English at EC we believe in you and your talents, whether you can rhyme or not you can have fun learning English with fellow creative students like Sandra!     Sitting at a wooden table paper, pen and brain at hand but sadly find myself unable to rhyme as well as I have planned. Rhyming words are hard to find if you’re not a native speaker and the thoughts formed in your mind look put on paper so much weaker! Writing can be tough sometimes Patience seems to be the key I herewith dedicate these rhymes to my teachers at EC! Sandra, Germany.   If you would like to work on your poetry skills, please visit our EC London 30+ page for more information on our courses!

Come and learn English at an Adult language school at EC LONDON 30+

Learn & Explore at EC London 30+

Learning a language at and adult language school isn’t just about what happens inside the classroom, it’s also about outside the classroom, which is why at EC LONDON 30+ we’ve linked our lessons and our social programme. Each week we have a free LEARN & EXPLORE lesson+excursion. Yesterday our teacher, Donal, taught our students to write a film review, looking at structure and adjective use. After that, our students went out with Donal to watch Spectre, the new James Bond film. They all had a wonderful time and when I came into work this morning, there was already one review ready and waiting for me on EC ONLINE, our online learning system. Check out the review below:   Spectre Spectre is a very interesting film of the famous agent 007. Its stars Daniel Craig plays the role of the famous James Bond, Christoph Waltz is the villain in this film, Léa Lédoux and Monica Bellucci Bond ladies and Ralph Fiennes is M. The film starts with a long sequence in Mexico, during the celebrations of “The Day of the Death”. After killing a man from the unknown organisation and destroying one building in Mexico City, James Bond put the Double 0 program in danger. One authority in London is interested in finishing the spy program. But Bond´s acts are an order from the last M. She asked Bond to do it in case of her murder happened. But nobody knows, except 007. There are many ingredients in this movie:Explosions, bigdamages, one persecution in the Alps, another through the roads of Rome, the desert of Morocco, love and death… The film is set in Mexico, London. Rome, Tangier and Austria. I would like to recommend Spectre If you like action films you can´t miss this film. So, if you’d like to learn and … Read more