Pokémon Go London

  By now, you must be familiar with Pokémon Go, the latest Pokémon game for iOS and Android that uses VR (virtual reality) and real life locations to allow players to catch ‘em all. Here in London regular Pokémon are everywhere but one can also find many rare Pokémon, but you have to know where to look! Here are the top spots to find rare Pokémon in London. The Tower of London is one of the top places to find Pokémon, people have found Koffing, Tentacool, Hitmonlee, Sandshrew, Polywhirl, Dragonite. If you are on the way to the London Zoo, stop by a Regents park where you could be in luck with catching a Snorlax, Machop, Geodude, Mankey, Kabuto, Koffing. Forget about looking at the real animals in the zoo because you can catch a Electabuzz, Beedrill, Dratini, Doduo, Rhyhorn or Horsea instead at the London Zoo. Come for the touristic appeal, stay for the Pokémon. There are plenty of Magmar, Gastly and Horsea at Hampton Court Palace. The Shard is another main attraction in London where players can find an Abra, Magnemite and Seel. The ArcelorMittal Orbit in London’s Olympic park has been marked as the perfect spot to catch a Slowpoke, Jynx and even a Charmander! So go ahead and explore London, catching Pokémon and meeting fellow players. By Intern Lexi Gatt If you’d like to improve your English, check out the courses we offer at EC LONDON 30+