After 11 months we say goodbye to Mauricio.

Today we want to say goodbye to our lovely long term student Mauricio, who just have finished a 11 month course here at EC London 30+ He would love to share his opinion about EC with us.   It all began a year ago when I decided to study English abroad because of my strong desire to take my professional career into the next level, so I can apply for some job offers from multinational companies without problems. Therefore, I quit my job and started choosing a good English school I could get the best learning experience to achieve my goal. I have always dreamed about studying in London because this place is one of the most important cities in the world and there is plenty of things to do such as visiting museums and iconic buildings, attending events, having great time with friends, having meals at nice restaurants, good libraries and learning about new cultures and people. EC London 30+ has everything it needs to promote people’s learning and social capabilities, given the variety of academic and extracurricular programs it offers its students. The teachers of this school are truly committed to the learning of their students, the students are of excellence and come from different backgrounds and the classrooms and library are optimal to improve the English skills. Attending classes was confusing at the first time because it has been a long time since my last course I took and the teaching methodology was a bit complex. However, I can remember that my first day at EC London was great, the staff was friendly, helpful and available to answer all my enquiries because I was not able to speak and understand English easily. I took the Beginner class for one week and then I moved to the elementary ones. Overall, … Read more

My experience at EC London 30+ by Abdulrahman

I’ve come from Bahrein to study at EC London 30+. I decide to study at EC because it’s a school for adult people. And it’s amazing to study at this school. I will never forget the staff in EC. I will recommend EC London 30+ to my friend about studying English. And I will recommend London because I liked everything about London. I visited a lot of place in London and I had rest but my favorite place is walking in London streets.   Testimonial of Abdulrahman who stayed 16 weeks at EC London 30+.          

Food Glorious Food!

A visit to London’s Borough Market provides the perfect opportunity to expand and develop your lesson on food vocabulary and really engages the students.   A melting pot of vibrant and diverse smells, tastes and colours, Borough Market delivers a sensory overload, whether you are there to taste the food, shop or just to people watch.   This experience also opens up a wide range of opportunities to exploit the topic of your lesson – food. You can describe the food that you see, smell and taste and encourage students to develop their range of food adjectives. You can also discuss countable and uncountable nouns, likes and dislikes, comparatives and superlatives and the influence of other cultures, which is evident from the wide array of culinary treats on offer! I focused my lesson on the differences between typical British food and the typical food from the students’ country, developing the students’ use of adjectives and general vocabulary.   During our visit to Borough Market I took the students to the Tea2you stall. I’ve been there on numerous occasions and the charismatic owner; Ratan Mondal has an unrelenting and infectious passion for his product.   After I explained that our group consisted of students who were learning English from many different countries, Ratan launched into a highly entertaining and engaging presentation about his products, the history of the company, the health benefits of good tea, the history of tea in the UK and also offered the students the opportunity to ask any questions. Everyone got the chance to try the tea too!   The students really enjoyed the visit and it allowed them the opportunity to utilise their English in a real context.   Enjoy a great experience while taking Adult English classes in London with EC.  

Taking Opportunities to Speak English Outside Class

  When I was a child, we used to go on holiday to Europe, usually camping, because this was in the 60s before foreign travel became really cheap. Actually, it was before Britain joined the EU; European travel will be expensive again, no doubt. My father spoke a lot of languages – he’d studied Spanish at Madrid University – and whenever we were in Spain, he would always take every opportunity to practise his Spanish with native speakers. His favourite tactic was to go into a shop and ask for a soap-dish, which was something we didn’t actually need in our tent. One day I asked him why he always asked for a soap-dish and he told me it was because it always led to an interesting conversation. This explanation satisfied me as a child, although as an adult, I think I’d find a soap-dish conversation a little limiting. My Dad always had long chats with natives, however, so I could be wrong. What I’m saying is that we can all find opportunities to have short conversations with native speakers, particularly in public places like shops, pubs, restaurants and museums (where, of course, the staff may be non-native. But don’t forget that any time you’re having a conversation in English, it’s English. It’s not second-class if the other speaker isn’t a native. It’s English. It’s how most people in the world use the language.) In a restaurant, be sure to ask about the food on the menu, even if it’s something you recognise and have no intention of ordering. You can practise asking questions. “How does the chef prepare this?” “Could you tell me what’s in this dish?” “How much of the food is locally-sourced? Where does it come from?” “What would you recommend on the menu?” Being a waiter … Read more

Charity bake sale at EC London 30+

  The Bloomsbury Group – Bake Sale   Teacher Jess C and students supported a great event on 2 December 2016 to make cakes and sell them to raise money for two charities: Guide Dogs and Holy Cross Centre Trust.   Members of the Bloomsbury Group designed posters to promote the event and students came together to make and buy lots of delicious cakes.   The Bake Sale raised more than £350 so a very big thank you to everyone who supported the event.   The money was divided equally between the two charities. The Holy Cross Centre Trust was able to buy much needed kitchen equipment to help them provide food for homeless people.  The Guide Dogs charity were able to train and support a new guide dog, Hattie, thanks to our donation.   Enjoy a great experience while taking English lessons for adults in London with EC.

A visit from Elisabeth and her guide dog Daisy

The Bloomsbury Group – A visit from Elisabeth and her Guide Dog Daisy In November 2016, the Bloomsbury Group were treated to a very special visit from Elisabeth, a lady who has a very special companion – Daisy her guide dog.   Elisabeth kindly agreed to visit the school with Daisy and answered questions about the charity who provides guide dogs, life with Daisy and living in London as a visually impaired person.   Student and Bloomsbury Group member Rocio had this to say about the visit:   Today we had a meeting with Elisabeth who is blind since she was born and Daisy her guide-dog. She shared her life accompanied by the dog and told for us that she has had five dogs, but the favourites were the first and Daisy, her dog helps her to live a normal life, like travel around the world, crossing the streets, going up and down stairs and using  the public transport.  Also that the breeds that worked as guide-dog are Labrador, Golden Retriever and Labradoodle, for this services she pay 15 penny and finally she can do everything she wants, because Daisy gives her confidence, independence and freedom.   A big thank you to Elisabeth and Daisy for the very interesting talk.   You can learn more about the work of the charity that provides and trains guide dogs on their website   Find out more about Adult English Classes in London

The Bloomsbury Group at EC London 30+

The Bloomsbury Group   The Bloomsbury Group is a group that was set up in EC London 30+ in 2016.  Students who are studying for ten weeks or more can join. The purpose is to bring long term students from different levels together to share experiences, talk about their studies and to enjoy events. The group is organised by teachers Jess, Ayan and Chris.   Members of the Bloomsbury Group also help with new students who arrive every Monday, answering questions and helping them settle into EC and London life.   The group is named after the group of writers and artists who lived in the area around the school in the early 20th century.  Our classroom decoration is inspired by these influential people.   If you are studying at EC London 30+ for ten weeks or more you will receive an email invitation to join The Bloomsbury Group.  Come along and meet other long term students and become more involved in EC life!   If you are looking for English lessons for adults in London, please check out our website.

EC Builds School for Kids in Cambodia

This February, a team of eight enthusiastic EC staff volunteers went to Ban Huoy, Cambodia, for a 10-day trip set up by as part of our most recent Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Dan, our Engagement and Sustainability Manager tells us about EC’s exciting project.   Mission success! Our eight volunteers (plus me) returned last week from our 10-day adventure in Cambodia. Physically & mentally exhausted but deliriously happy, our team touched down in their home countries from Thursday of last week, and I’m happy to report that everyone has returned safely and without incident. Read on for an insight into our trip… 14th February – we rendezvoused at the Babbel Guesthouse in Siem Reap, with Mays arriving last (which was further delayed due to the Cambodian authorities being confused as to whether Palestine is a country!). Leanne, Agnieszka and I were minus our luggage as that had been left behind in Bangkok, but by the time bedtime rolled around all problems had been ironed out – Mays had joined us and our luggage had arrived. 15th February – up at 6am to head off to the small town of Siem Pang in the North East, an 8-hour drive from Siem Reap. Once there we met up with the UWS team, the local community leader and the Chief of Police, who just wanted to say hello… 16th February – after a couple more hours in the ‘Barang Bus’ (Barang = foreigner in Cambodian slang) and a quick trip across a river on a raft, we arrived at Ban Houy.   As we were halfway across we saw the children and villagers had come to greet us, and we made our way through the village to the school. Already emotional at the sight of the school as it appeared between the trees, … Read more