Our new Academic Intern at London 30+

We have a new Academic intern in our London 30+ school. His name is Aveenash and he will be spending a couple of months helping us out in the very busy 30+ department. He tells us a little bit about himself:   Name: Aveenash Surname: BULJEEAN Age: 20 years old Nationality: French Languages: French, English and Spanish Profession: Student in a French business school (Paris) Hobbies: Reading – Fitness Going to the gym Presentation I was born in France (Paris) I’m studying in a French business school for 3 years recently graduated from a Bachelor degree. I am completing a Master in Business development. I’ve been working in a real estate company for 2 years, and I need to improve my English level. Indeed, I started a 3 months internship in the EC London 30+ company as Academic Intern. It is a great experience for me to work in this company. A friendly atmosphere with people from every country, a mix of culture very interesting.   If you would like to know more about internships or English Lessons for Adults in London, please click here

One Lunch In Jamaica

    Did you know that, in addition to English, Jamaicans speak Jamaican patois, which is composed of four languages (English, Italian, French and Portuguese)? Did you know that in Jamaica there is a five-kilometre road bordered with bamboo trees? Did you know the film about the secret agent 007, Dr. No, was filmed in the paradisiacal landscapes of Jamaica? Jamaica is an island located in the Carribean Sea, globally famous for Bob Marley’s reggae. But not just this… On Wednesday, March 29th, the students of The Bloomsbury Group had the privilege of receiving Mickel, a representative of Jamaica who told us about this country, so far but so close at the same time. In 40 minutes we learned a little more about the Jamaican population, music, tourism, food, culture, ecomony, religion among other subjects. We also got to know that there is an important Jamaican community in London with some pretty appetizing restaurants!