The sound of “ schwa”, black belt and taste of marmite

Thomas testimonial and advice on how to keep your good level of English.

How can I improve my English when I’m back home?


That was my last question during my hard work at EC London. The right answer was given to me by one of my four teacher’s over these 4 weeks. Every day I should invest 25 minutes in English practice listen and speaking exercises. I do this now with BBC 6 minutes English and watch series on Netflix.

First watch and listen a short sequence without subtitles to trainee my understanding in a listening practice and then for verifying the same with subtitles. For BBC 6 minutes English I found an app on the store. The benefit here is the listening and reading from the transcript.

For speaking practise I’ll speak to my new friends I met during the EC study. What are the meanings in my headline? This are my terms I’ll join every time to this amazing time at EC London. Did you ever have a teacher who has a black belt in martial arts? I predict to everyone you’ll do the homework every day. I did the same (mostly).

The most important thing what I learned was the sound of “schwa”. How is the really pronunciation the triggers to understand the fast-talking English natives. Schwa (/ə/) is the phonetic writing rule that men’s over 40 definitely couldn’t understand 😀, but it’s very helpful.

In a lesson unexpectedly with closed eyes I had contact with the famous English brown food taste. The teacher said to us please close your eyes and trust me. I thought what the hell will happen now. Could I trust this miraculous teacher? Sometimes he sat on the ground 🙂 and let students in a way of free choice to play the guitar. Yes I did and tasted this distinctive, powerful flavour and least extremely salty food. This was my first and last try.

At least one sentence about the school. For me a 42 years old man it wasn’t all time very easily to follow in the lessons. But you find the right place for everyone in the class to improve the English a lot. We could feel the sensitivity and experience and your passion to bring us forward.

EC London has brilliant teachers. Melissa, Amanda, Jonny and Kevin. Thank you so much for the great support. You gave me unforgettable moments. I’ll come back… even if it is only to say hello – promised. PS: Amanda, the tip with the trip to Porthcurno was great. Nice beach isn’t it? Thx.


Want to practice your “Schwa”, come and join us at EC and join our English grammar lessons for adults.