Isle of Wight, what a wonderful Surprise! Part 1 :)…

Let me talk to you about my great discovery here in England.

Who would think that there is beautiful beaches in England? To be honest with you, not me…….

Until that day.


I discovered a wonderful place with some of my friends a month ago.


Isle of wight is a small island in the south of England. It is not close to London but it worth the journey.

My friends and I went with Anderson Tours company,they sell a day trip to Isle of Wight or week end trip.


We left from London and had about 3 hours journey by bus and then we took the ferry.

What surprised me first is when we arrived at Southampton, the air was so nice. You can smell the sea air whaouuuuuu amazing!!! We loved the impression.

Then we took the ferry, the crossing is about an hour.


We were on the ferry outside enjoying nice fresh sea air!!

And then amazing feeling we’ve seen the isle :). We almost felt like explorers when they discover a new island.

From the ferry, it looks quite big J!!! But it is not so big, Isle of Wight is 380 km².


We went back in the bus and started our visit of Isle of Wight!!!!!

If you are curious about what we’ve done and discover in Isle of Wight, stay tune on EC London 30+ blog 🙂 !!!!


To be continued…