Party all night!!! Not only.

Exciting news for the Londoners and obviously for the tourists. From the 19th of August NIGHT TUBE are running youhouuuu!!! After a long wait it’s finally on the track, London’s tube runs 24 hours service on Friday and Saturday nights. Not only great for the partiers it’s also great and it makes easier the life of a lot of hard workers who work late especially week ends. Londoners, tourists and “late” workers in London are now able to commute on the five tube lines which are Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Central and Northern lines all night every Friday and Saturday. TFL (Transport For London) promises an average of trains every 10 minutes on almost all lines that will be in service these two nights. About the cost TFL will apply standard off – peak fares so £6.50. However, just be careful because unfortunately the tube won’t operate on every branches on all lines but have a look on the map (below) and you’ll be fine :)!     Following the example of New York, London city is slowly but surely entering into the sphere of the cities which “never sleep”.   Enjoy your trip :)!!!!!   Interested in having more information about our school, about English learning for adults, check our website and see you soon in London!  

Yoda, Sun and Yoga: a story of Mountain and Tree

Yoda said once “Always pass on what you have learned.”. Last week we re-started Yoga classes at school and I tried it ?, so as Yoda said I will pass on what I learnt!!!   First thing you need to know is that is accessible for everyone, you don’t have to be an expert to join these classes at the school, leave the expertise to the wonderful teacher Vaila. Let me tell you that it was a really nice experience, I was interested in Yoga but never done it before so that was the occasion. The Yoga experience starts at 6.10 pm with an English lesson about Yoga. So you will learn the vocabulary and the positions ?!!!!!! After a little quiz to see if you got the parts of the body right and understood what is the pinky ?, you’re all good to start the practice.   Vaila will be here to help you to connect with your body and your inside by the breathing, really good technique to take away tension and stress and starts relaxing your body and your mind. Slowly, slowly you will get through the different positions such as the Mountain ? and the Tree!!!!! And still work on your breathing!! You will also learn the salutation to the Sun which is a important part of the Yoga itself. Step by step Vaila will go through the different position on this salutation with you ?!   You will understand how connected are all the parts of your body even the smallest one. You will feel every part of your body lol, it might not feel that good (at first) but no worries it means it works and that your body is receptive. Yoga is a sport, trust me it is not that easy but it … Read more