Socks or no socks? That is the question!

Ladies in hats and gentlemen without socks, this is how I have pictured British style in my mind based on lifestyle magazines. Unsurprisingly, it is common to glimpse sockless people, both men and women, on London’s streets even in the winter time. However, there is no doubt that these pieces of clothing serve a purpose and can be also very ‘classy’. Therefore, let’s talk further about ever growing no sock trend. The main reason of showing ankles is to achieve a stylish look as evidenced by the internet where number of guidelines teaches about sockless style. For example, according to no socks go better with skinny things while the site claims, once you embrace this style you will never look back (1). On the opposite site of the dilemma are mainly health reasons such as keeping the feet warm to avoid cold or possible foot infections. According to an article published by BBC, recently there has been a rise in fungal problems infections in young men because of the trendy ankle look (2). For example, wearing shoes without socks can lead to athlete’s foot (3). Many celebrities, such as Aaron Paul and Orlando Bloom, serve as good example of sockless style and inspiration for many young people (4). However, nobody wants to risk any health issues. Among one of the options for how to avoid health problems and to give the impression of going sockless is, according to fashion designer Robert Johnston, wearing of secret socks (5). Another possibility how to go with fashion is to wear stylish socks which are now available everywhere. The sockless trend inherently belongs to Britain and it is very stylish on the one hand, but on the other we should also think about our health and among one of options how to be … Read more

A journey to Amritsar

Dominik is one of our wonderful student and he accepted to share with us one of his great life experience, Enjoy!! A journey to Amritsar by Dominik Horber   Recently I backpacked through Asia. In March 2017 my journey led me to a city called Amritsar in the northwest of India. It is the hometown of the Sikhs. Although Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world, I have the feeling Europeans do not know a lot about it. In contrast to the Hindus, the Sikhs do not have a caste system. According to their faith it does not matter where you are from, to which family someone belongs or how wealthy you are. Neither is gender relevant.   When I arrived in the city and got in touch with the local people their friendliness and hospitality immediately warmed my heart. Along the most frequented roads, soothing music is played through speakers. Embedded in the middle of the city and surrounded by water lies the Sri Harmandir Sahib, better known as the Golden temple. It is considered the holiest place of the Sikhs and you can soak up positive energy as you stroll around the big building complex. Apart from this, there is a huge kitchen next to the temple. It is financed by donations and run by volunteers. Everyone is welcome and the food is for free! Since I did not want to miss this experience I queued up, received a plate, a bowl and cutlery. Volunteers were distributing roti, dal, soup and drinking water. And here is the best thing about my visit to the so-called biggest kitchen in the world: The meal was so luscious, it really was! Thank you Dominik for sharing this experience with us ☺.   Would like to have a nice and good … Read more