Meditation and Learning English by Yunjeong Kim (Matilda)

  Modern society is becoming increasingly complex and people are being exposed to stressful situations. Also, They want to get rid of their stress and gather a lot of different ideas and ways to solve this issue. But, due to the fact that they are very busy, they can’t try to find solutions.   The more people are exposed to stress, the more people get impatient. Most of them, for one reason or another are very busy and their time is limited, They say we don’t have time to deal with our feelings.   Mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) are too hard to treat. One of causes of this is that these conditions aren’t visible for us. On the other hands, physical diseases such as cancer are very dangerous to cure. Despite this, we can see the cause of the disease. If the cause exists, then we can find a solution.   Sometimes, I get distracted and feel that in my mind is a mess, because there are some  things thatI have to do. For example, a deadline is coming up and I am beginning to grow impatient. At that time, I can’t organize my mind, and I can not do anything. To resolve the problem, the way I found  is to create a quiet atmosphere around me. In my experience, when I was in my schooldays, I often stayed up nights  to study for exams. when my memory failed, I always felt that my memory improved  at place which had a quiet surrounding, like a toilet.In other words, There are ways to find solutions to unresolved problems.   In conclusion, I think that to meditate is the same case. A modern society that is pushing to do everything quickly makes people more hasty. … Read more

Meet Ludovica, our new intern – EC London 30+

Let me introduce you to Ludovica who joined us a few weeks ago as a new intern 🙂 Name: Ludovica Age: 23 Nationality: Italian Mother tongue: Italian Studies: Bachelor`s Degree in Business Management Home: In Italy, I live in a Rome suburb and in London I will live in Bethnal Green. Job at EC English School: Student Services Intern 30+ How long are you going to stay at EC? Until June Other languages: French Hobbies: Learning languages, Travelling and Cooking Family: I am an only child. My mother is the owner of a big restaurant based in my hometown and she is also the manager of it. My father used to work in a factory: just eight years ago he retired. Studies and future plans: I will start a Master in Rome taught in English, specialized in Fashion Business. Favourite food: Spaghetti alla carbonara Favourite place in London: Notting Hill area What is your favourite serie? I watch several series: I think the best for me is How to get away with a Murder, by Shonda Rhimes What is your first impression of London? I feel good in London because it’s a big city where you can find something to do at anytime Why did you choose London? I chose London because it is a city which can give you a lot of opportunities to take. Another aspect of London that I like is being a multicultural city: thanks to this it is possible to learn traditions and cultures of other countries. At the same TIME, I chose EC London because it was suggested by a friend but then I felt in love because I met new people and enjoyed beautiful moments that I will remember forever.  

Mariluz, long term student at EC London 30+

Here is Mariluz testimonial, Colombian student who stayed at EC London 30+ for 33 weeks.   I choose to study with EC because my agency in Colombia recommended me EC and they told me that EC was 30+ and it attracted me. What I like about London is that London is an unique city. I love walking in its green parks where you feel that you are not anymore in the city. London has uge and amazing museums where you can spend endless hours. Another amusing plan is visiting its markets, everyone is special and there you can find food, antiques, vintage stuff and so on. What’s more from London you can travel to many places in Europeand any of them are fantastic destinations. And don’t forget the spectacular musical plays that you can find in London. What I like about the school is that in 30+ you can find classmates of your same age and it is nice because you meet interesting people. What’s more EC has good teaching level, its teachers are well training and you have 2 differents teachers in each level and everyone emphasizes different skills. Another good thing is its location and its website where you can reinforce what you learn. The atmosphere at EC is so nice, teachers, staff and classmates are really friendly and what’s more all of us are used to spending good time together in the traditional school pub that makes EC a really familiar place. I would recommend EC because of all I have mentioned above. Also London is full of cafes and restaurants where you can have good chats. I really love Notting Hill area. I love walking in any of London’s park ( Regents park, Hyde park, Richmond) or visiting its markets or museums.   Mariluz testimonial maybe inspired you to come … Read more

English language coaching workshop at EC London

Interested in a new experience while studying English at EC London school, join an English language coaching workshop.   Niva was one of EC London teacher and is now a life coach. She nicely offers to help the student and to coach them to help them in their studies. Niva is running a coaching session quite often at the school and the next to come is on the 21st of April 2018, so if you are around, please come and join, it will be a great and benefic experience. This workshop of 2 hours is fun and interactive and take your English learning to the next level by looking at your motivation for learning English and creating a plan for the next 3 months. In this workshop you will learn tips and ways to improve your language and study skills and achieve the level of English that you want.   This workshop is for all levels and is suitable for long or short-term students. It will help you achieve your English language skills, so please don’t hesitate to join us. If you are interested, please book at the reception, the costs of the workshop is only £15. More information on the social programme and the social board. Here below some feedbacks from previous students who attended the workshop: “Your coaching workshop impressed me! Thank you so much” Kazumasa, Japan It’s a great document to guide the people in their learning” Thierry, France   You are interested in coming in London, maybe for some English classes for adults in London, join us at EC London 30+.