Let me introduce you to Takato, new 30+ Student Services Intern

Name: Takato

Age: 25

Nationality: Japanese

Mother tongue: Japanese

Home: Sapporo in Japan

Job at EC English School: 30+ Student Services Intern

How long are you going to stay at EC? Until November

Other languages: Japanese

Hobbies: Doing sports, workout and watching films

Family: I live with my parents in my city.

Studies and future plans: I studied Economics and Sociolinguistics. My future plans are vague, but I want to live in Hawaii sometime. That is my goal.

Favourite food: Cheeseburger

Favourite place in London: I like St James`s park.

What is your favourite serie? Santa Clarita Diet! This is so hilarious and cozy!

What is your first impression of London? When I came here, I thought this place was crazy. I went to soho and I got surprised. I got used to this city now and everything is amazing.

Why did you choose London? I came here as a student at first. When I was thinking about studying abroad, I watched some random English films, then I liked the way they talked. That is why I chose London.


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