Loveday at EC London 30+

Happy Loveday everyone!

Here at EC London we are celebrating all kinds of love today, the love for family, friends, partners and yourself. Valentine’s day should not only be about relationships. We want to unite our students, to come together and spread love.

Therefore, we encouraged our students to write love notes, in their language or English. We then created a wall FULL of love. In addition, we asked students and teachers to bring cakes, chocolate or sweets, to share over a lovely lunch chat! We had a great time and the students arrived in their classrooms with a wide smile of their faces, all ready for their lessons. We played love songs all day in our 30+ reception, a mix between foreign songs and English, therefore, students could share their favourite songs with their friends and us!

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”, is our quote of the day.

Take care of your loved ones, share some extra love and do not forget to give some love to yourself!

I would highly recommend to Learn English in London at the 30+ school. Come and have fun with us!

– EC London 30+