TV Club with the Bloomsbury members

   The Bloomsbury Group is for students who stay in EC for 10 weeks or more.  We created this group to get students know each other from different levels, share their experiences and enjoy events. We want them to make lots of friends and feel comfortable at EC.  try organising a few events every month.   This time we had TV club that We enjoyed watching the series called ‘The Good Place.’ Students practiced their listening skills through the series. Chris had prepared some questions to check how much they understood and tell everyone about their opinions. Then, they talked each other, shared their thoughts and discussed it. They really liked this events. We would continue this event in nearly future.   If The Bloomsbury Group seems interesting for you as much as English lessons for adults, have a look at EC London school website.    

EC London Culture Day

Yesterday the Bloomsbury Group of EC London 30+ put on an amazing day of culture, food, and dance. The day started with different language lessons including a Lithuanian lesson by Vitalij, and a Spanish lesson with Paula. Later in the day students and staff got to learn difference dance styles. Zeynep started off by teaching the traditional dance of Turkey, belly dancing. After belly dancing Hardy from Columbia taught us how to salsa dance! Lastly, Fernando taught us a famous Brazilian dance called ciranda.   After a morning full of learning languages and dancing we were able to enjoy many foods from different countries. Yessica and Mario brought delicious empanadas from Columbia. Matilda brought multiple homemade Korean dishes. Wendy brought Chinese food, Sara brought Arabic food, and Beatrice brought cheeses from France.   To end the day, we had a wonderful presentation from Yuka, Gigi, Matilda, and Younyoung on the culture of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Their presentation included information on foods and clothing of each of their countries. A big thank you to Yuka for organizing the presentation. We hope everyone had a fun day experiencing cultures from around the world. Below are some photos of the day!     To learn more about English teaching courses in London please visit our website  

The Bloomsbury watch, the new trendy accessorize

The Bloomsbury Group – Sewing Club   On Friday 14 July the Bloomsbury Group Sewing Club met up to make some super summer accessories: fabric watches!   The ‘watches’ were quite fiddly to make – you can see the concentration here:   But the hard work paid off and students produced some great little bracelets.   The big decision was deciding which time to set the ‘watch’ to. These students have no excuse for ever being late to class again!     Well done to the Bloomsbury Group Sewists! Would you like to be trendy and fluent in English, hava a look at EC London website and our English lessons for adults in England might interest you!

Easter at EC London 30+

  Easter with the Bloomsbury Group   On 12 April 2017 the Bloomsbury Group got creative and met up to make some lovely Easter decorations. They were all handmade from felt and decorated with buttons and trimmings.  There were three different designs: an Easter egg, an Easter bunny and an Easter chick Some students had never sewn before while others were very professional and expert. But the results were all excellent and each decoration had its own unique character.   Some of the students’ handiwork: Happy Easter bunnies: Sweet little Easter chicks:   Beautifully decorated Easter eggs:   If you want to join us to take English lessons for adults in London but especially meet great people and do great activities, check our website.

Charity bake sale at EC London 30+

  The Bloomsbury Group – Bake Sale   Teacher Jess C and students supported a great event on 2 December 2016 to make cakes and sell them to raise money for two charities: Guide Dogs and Holy Cross Centre Trust.   Members of the Bloomsbury Group designed posters to promote the event and students came together to make and buy lots of delicious cakes.   The Bake Sale raised more than £350 so a very big thank you to everyone who supported the event.   The money was divided equally between the two charities. The Holy Cross Centre Trust was able to buy much needed kitchen equipment to help them provide food for homeless people.  The Guide Dogs charity were able to train and support a new guide dog, Hattie, thanks to our donation.   Enjoy a great experience while taking English lessons for adults in London with EC.

A visit from Elisabeth and her guide dog Daisy

The Bloomsbury Group – A visit from Elisabeth and her Guide Dog Daisy In November 2016, the Bloomsbury Group were treated to a very special visit from Elisabeth, a lady who has a very special companion – Daisy her guide dog.   Elisabeth kindly agreed to visit the school with Daisy and answered questions about the charity who provides guide dogs, life with Daisy and living in London as a visually impaired person.   Student and Bloomsbury Group member Rocio had this to say about the visit:   Today we had a meeting with Elisabeth who is blind since she was born and Daisy her guide-dog. She shared her life accompanied by the dog and told for us that she has had five dogs, but the favourites were the first and Daisy, her dog helps her to live a normal life, like travel around the world, crossing the streets, going up and down stairs and using  the public transport.  Also that the breeds that worked as guide-dog are Labrador, Golden Retriever and Labradoodle, for this services she pay 15 penny and finally she can do everything she wants, because Daisy gives her confidence, independence and freedom.   A big thank you to Elisabeth and Daisy for the very interesting talk.   You can learn more about the work of the charity that provides and trains guide dogs on their website   Find out more about Adult English Classes in London

The Bloomsbury Group at EC London 30+

The Bloomsbury Group   The Bloomsbury Group is a group that was set up in EC London 30+ in 2016.  Students who are studying for ten weeks or more can join. The purpose is to bring long term students from different levels together to share experiences, talk about their studies and to enjoy events. The group is organised by teachers Jess, Ayan and Chris.   Members of the Bloomsbury Group also help with new students who arrive every Monday, answering questions and helping them settle into EC and London life.   The group is named after the group of writers and artists who lived in the area around the school in the early 20th century.  Our classroom decoration is inspired by these influential people.   If you are studying at EC London 30+ for ten weeks or more you will receive an email invitation to join The Bloomsbury Group.  Come along and meet other long term students and become more involved in EC life!   If you are looking for English lessons for adults in London, please check out our website.

Bloomsbury Group Classroom Designs

            Have you wondered what the inspiration behind our beautiful classroom designs at EC London 30+ is? Well, have a read of this blog from our Teacher Jess to find out. Each of our classrooms has its own unique decoration. They are very bright and colourful and some are quite abstract. Although each classroom is individual they are all connected as they are inspired by a group of artists and writers who lived and worked in Bloomsbury at the beginning of the 20th century. They are called The Bloomsbury Group. Bloomsbury is an area of London just south of EC school. It is home to London University, the British Museum and several famous medical institutions. In the early 20th century it was a residential area with lots of large houses and garden squares. The most famous member of The Bloomsbury Group is the writer Virginia Woolf. She wrote several famous books including Mrs Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. Have a look at classroom 308+ to see an image of Virginia designed by her sister Vanessa Bell. Vanessa was an artist and designer and often designed book covers for her sister’s novels. You can see more examples of her designs in classrooms 310+, 313+ and 314+. Another Bloomsbury Group writer is represented in classroom 311+. This is Lytton Strachey in an image which is inspired by a painting by Dora Carrington. Lytton Strachey was famous for writing biographies especially one about Queen Victoria. He was also quite well known for having a very long beard – this was very unfashionable at the time. Classrooms 307+ and 309+ pay tribute to two Bloomsbury Group artists. There is a self-portrait by Roger Fry who became a very successful curator and organiser of art exhibitions. The abstract design is … Read more