Students testimonials – May 2015

Have a read of some of our student’s testimonials this month!     Dear Sir or Madame, I enjoyed very much and learned good English. The best lesson I liked the business class. The teachers were very friendly and allways in a good mood. Best Regards, Marcel Marcel Werner Haueter, Swiss (Intensive English for work course, 3w) My stay at school was very good! I think I had improve my English. The teachers Teresa, Jess, Kristy and Ben were very helpful and nice I learnd much from them! Thans so much!!!! Monica Lozano, Spanish (Intensive English, 2w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) I’m gonna recommended EC School to my friends. London is good choose to study English. Artur Kostowski, Polish (Intensive English, 1w, pre-intermediate & Everyday English) Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

Matthias Pohl having English for work lessons at EC London 30+

Matthias has very kindly allowed us to share his experiences at EC London 30+ with all of you. This is the testimonial he wrote on his final day, last Friday. Matthias Pohl is a consultant who decided to study English for work for 3 weeks and, according to his teachers, was a great addition to all of his lessons, really throwing himself in and making the most of every class.       + People over 30 years old + Funny teacher, very friendly + After the first day, I know it was the right decision to book an English course at EC London 30+ + Good prices in the cafe + EC London 30+ is in a good area in London – Nothing I’ll be back 🙂 Matthias Pohl, German Thank you, good luck with everything and we hope to see you soon! Check out our website if you’re looking for a English for Work course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

“EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option”

After 7 weeks, we have to say goodbye to one of our students as he is finished his English for Work course. Here is the testimonial of Eduardo Nunes, from Brazil, he finished his intensive English course in EC london 30+ last Friday.       London was not my 1st option to learn English. I was looking for small/calm city to stay. But EC London 30+ concept sound to be a fantastic option. And it really was a surprise. EC London 30+ was exactly what I was looking for. The best teachers, classmates, staff, location… everything was perfect. I’ll recommend to my friends and I’ll be back! The extra activities were the best way to interact with other students and enjoy the city. Thanks EC London 30+!!! Special thanks to: Georgia, Matt, Chris, Clare, John, Matthew, Adam and Sara!!! Eduardo Nunes (Brazilian) Thank you so much Eduardo from EC London 30+ team. We hope to see you soon 🙂 !! Check out our website if you’re looking for an Intensive English course  in London or if you are interested in learning more about EC London 30+ If you would like to practise your English online, try our Learn English website.

Studying English has always been something I enjoyed – A Testimonial by Juliana

    Studying English has always been something I enjoyed doing. I knew that English could help me pursue some of my dreams and I had the feeling it would teach me more than I could ever imagine. But could English help me be more creative? The answer is YES! Being at EC Covent Garden for a month contributed a lot for this thought. I got inspired since my first day by the way the school rules were presented to us. They could have chose to send us all the information thorough our email account or gave us a brochure with all the schools guidelines, but instead they decided to go for a dynamic and interacted conversation. The inspiration came from the teachers as well. I remember a teacher that used the color of our shoes as a criteria to put us in pairs for an activity. Some other teachers would use a game to teach business vocabulary or engage us to assume a corporate roll in order to check if we got the lesson right. The way every class was unique inspired me to delivery what needs to be delivered in my job being more creative. I leave the school full of insights thanks to all teachers and EC Crew that every day choose to be dynamic, creative and passionate when it comes to teaching English! Thanks a lot! p.s: for EC Covent Garden students and new ones I invite you to find out which teacher would use the criteria of shoe’s color to put us in pair for a class activity 🙂   Juliana Ferrari Rodrigues (Brazilian) – English for Work 30 lessons   Check out our website if you’re looking for a business English course for adults in London. If you would like to practise your English online, … Read more

We Are Immersed In The Shakespeare Language

  An experience at several level : First of all, from the beginning we are immersed in the Shakespeare language thanks the dynamism and positivism’s team (managers, teachers and animators). Be quiet, all the people of EC Covent Garden do their best to make yourself at home and that we should improve our level in peace. With EC school, no problem ; only solution. Each teacher is unique with her own personality, her own pedagogy, his own style and all this with the higher professionalism ; a true school of the life and no a matrix already fit or willing. In parallelism, EC Covent Garden is a team of managers always available to ours or theirs asking or still with the satisfaction survey. Yes EC Covent Garden constantly recover involved and up to the students. EC Covent Garden is too a team of animators which the role is to enjoy us thanks the multiple activities offered ( Outing, Visiting, Pubs, Restaurants….) ; and this all in English of course to use ours news skills and knowledge. The second rewarding experience is that we meet students from all over the world ( Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Russian, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, China…..) ; a real opening to others culture mixed friendliness and sharing, all with laughter and good humor. Finally and not least, another experience is that we are concretely in immersion and we have at leisure to use our learning by our-self to meeting English people or with the host family or with the daily simple activities (underground, buses, markets, bakery, shopping, cinema, bookshops, museums, walks, parks, sports ….). To finish as would say The British “Enjoy” ; it’s the most important.”  EC Covent Garden is a really, lovely, amazing and fantastic experience. David (French) – General English Click here to find … Read more

Future Tenses

  This week one of our teachers taught our  Grammar In Contexts 1 class how to use different future tenses. The lesson started with every students being given a new celebrity identity… Here are some examples – Angelina Jolie, Jamie Oliver, Barack Obama and Richard Branson! The students had to keep their new identities secret and then discuss the following questions with their partner: What are your plans for tonight? What are you doing this summer? What are your arrangements for next weekend? Their partner had to listen to what they said and guess their secret identity! The teacher told the class about a phone call she had received, her friend had invited her to a party! The first time they listened they had to decide of it would be a good party or not! The students listened again and then they were asked to write down 4 different grammatical structures that the teacher’s friend used in the message to talk about the future. Here they are – Present continuous ( for future arrangements) Going to +infinitive Will/ won’t + infinitive Might + infinitive The class then analysed the language, they looked at the differences in meaning and discussed when to use each one. Then the class looked at how to say them. They listened to sentences from the voicemail and found contractions like ‘she’s’ in ‘ she is definitely going to come’ and the weak pronunciation of ‘going to’ which is said /gənə/. The class then practised saying the sentences, repeating after the teacher to sound more natural. At the end of the lesson students had the opportunity to practise the language some more. They used the new language to talk about the future plans of their secret identities from the beginning of the lesson. Then they got together in … Read more

The EC Team works with amazing synergy

  Studying at EC Covent Garden was one of the best life experiences I’ve had. I have studied at other schools in different opportunities but there is no comparison with the extremely effective method I found here. It is worth mentioning that the school is very well prepared to receive students from anywhere in the world, respecting the particularities of each region and country. EC team works with an amazing synergy, where the development of each student is the focus of their work. The teachers are exceptionally competent and well prepared, the staff is friendly, interactive and always very close to the students, the school management is accomplished with much competence and creativity, which makes the school even more formidable than it already is. If you want to develop, to be welcomed and feel safe, EC Covent Garden is the place you are looking for! Testimonial by Marcella (Brazilian) – English for Work    Please visit our website if you are interested in finding out more about Adult English Courses at EC Covent Garden.

I’ll remember this experience as one of the most beautiful

  I chose this destination because London has many interesting places I like it. For instance: museums, musical shows, historial places. During my stay here I learnt a lot of things about people, traditions and customs. I’ve found friendly and professional teacher with amazing skills to teach. I like everything about topics, listening and speaking lessons. In my opinion, EC Covent Garden is a good college for adult people that want to learn English. I think, I’ll remember this experience as one of the most beautiful of my life. Thanks, many thanks again. Testimonial by Zoraida (Spain) – Intensive English   Please visit our website if you are interested in finding out more about Adult English Courses at EC Covent Garden.

They cater to students’ academic needs and encourage social exchange.

  I’ve spent 9 weeks with EC 30+ Covent Garden and can just say like all the others: I had a fantastic time. The teachers were able to get to know each student in order teach them to their individual needs within the small classes. The small classes were just perfect so everybody needs to participate and contribute to the lesson given. You meet lot of people from all over the world at EC 30+. During lessons students get encouraged to exchange and actively communicate with each other – this way you surprisingly learn a lot about the other culture and also a lot about the personal background and experiences of “your partner”. Besides the lessons you have a lot of free time too, so fostering friendships will not come short. The fact that all students were clearly over 30 years old was very comfortable and interesting as all of us has a professional background and uses English in their working environment, which especially was a benefit in the Business Class. All in all I have to say that the entire staff of EC30+ is putting immense effort in pleasing the students and encourage them to make usage of numerous available EC courses to spend their time in London in the most efficient way to learn the language, they cater to the students academic needs any time (Suzie and David), they encourage social exchange and help to get along in a foreign city such a London (Ludo and Clement), they find suitable homestays and student residences for living – very helpful and quick in corrective action if necessary (Sue and Ludo) and all the teachers who are not only teaching us according to some methodology but also to British culture and the usage of language how natives would use it … Read more