A very British Christmas – Annika Robinson

Christmas Day! Traditionally, Christmas Day is the most important day in December and of the season but there are also some other significant days. 24th December.  This is Christmas Eve and although the day time is usually spent rushing around the shops for those last minute presents or putting the finishing touches to the Christmas decorations at home, this is all usually finished by the evening in order to celebrate with friends and family. Although, presents are not usually opened on this day. 25th December.  This is a family day and most people only leave the house to have a walk in the local area or to visit other members of the family. People usually open their presents together in the morning and then have a big lunch together – Christmas dinner – between 2 and 4 o’clock.  People play games or watch television or go and visit close friends and family. 26th December.  This is called Boxing day and is the day after Christmas.  The name comes from people giving and receiving presents in boxes, even though traditionally presents are exchanged on Christmas Day.  Families may decide to get together again today and have another big lunch, basically a repeat of the day before!  Or for some people, despite being a national holiday, Boxing Day is just another normal day. 31st December.  This is New Year’s Eve and so friends usually get dressed up and go to a special party.  Just before midnight, there is a countdown and then when the clock strokes 12 at midnight people hold hands and sing a traditional song called ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  People kiss and wish everyone in the room a ‘Happy New Year’. 1st January.  This is a national holiday and so people are at home.  They usually spend the day relaxing … Read more