Studying in London? Here are 5 spots for dinner with a view!

I think we can all agree that London has some breathtaking views; particularly during the evenings when the city lights up. And what better way to take in these views than by enjoying a great dinner in the heart of the city and sampling the varied cuisines the capital has to offer. Here is a round up of my top 5 dinner locations in London with stunning views of the city!   1.) The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street One of the best known spots for dinner in London with panoramic views of the city. The Shard boasts a number of culinary delights under one roof. The location has some of the best views of the city as restaurants are located within London’s tallest building. There are restaurants here to suit everyone’s taste, from British classics to Chinese cuisines and more. The views of the city at sunset and night make any of the restaurants a great choice particularly for special occasions. PS. This would make a great suggestion for a celebration with friends after completing your course at EC London 30+!   2.) Big Easy, London Canary Wharf Another great location with views of London’s Canary Wharf. Big Easy serves up a BBQ inspired menu with plenty of seafood options too. There’s also a pretty cool bar! Diners here are treated to a stunning view of the river below as well as the impressive buildings in London’s financial district.   3.) Heron Tower, Duck & Waffle/Sushi Samba Situated close to London Liverpool Street is Heron Tower, in which you can find 2 different but equally great restaurants. Sushi Samba is popular as it brings together a range of world cuisines under one roof. The restaurant is located across the 38th and 39th floor, which gives an epic view of … Read more

Westminster Tour

Hello to all my dear EC London 30+ students and to all of our readers! On the 1st of April, EC London 30+ had the great pleasure of offering to the students a new activity: “Westminster Tour”. Once again, this activity was a way for our students to learn more about the UK. As well as acquiring English vocabulary and strengthening bonds between students. At 6:30 pm, students and EC London staff met the guide Karan, at Parliament Square. As a first step, Karan introduced himself so did each student. After that, we got an introduction of the surrounding buildings and their main functions. The Parliament Square Garden was overcrowded with protesters and reporters due to the controversial Brexit. After some pictures of the outside of parliament, we finally entered in the heart of UK’s legislature: the Houses of Parliament! Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the House of Common due to an incident that happened a few minutes before. However, we got the privilege to enter the House of Lords and attend a debate. MPs were debating on Brexit, more precisely about Brexit and Erasmus. In this hectic and uncertain governmental period, both staff and students were able to get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes. If you would like as well to Learn English Abroad and take part in this unique adventure, EC London 30+ is undoubtedly the place to be.

London’s Interactive Map

  There is so much to do and see in London, sometimes it is easy to get lost. Time Out has designed an interactive and cultural TFL map that lets you click on each tube station to see what’s going on in the area. This interactive map of Transport for London’s network shows more than 500 Time Out-recommended museums, galleries, street art and more near each station. It is a great way to see London from a new perspective. Time Out did a great job of compiling interesting places close to tube stations and creating a interactive map. If you have time to spare before class this map is a great way to explore London. Below are examples of how the map works. Click here to check out this interactive map!       Find out more about EC’s English lessons for adults in London.

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Dinner Club After English Class In London

      Not only does EC offer English lessons for adults in London, we also offer dinner club as part of our social program. Dinner club is a great way to meet other students, learn about other cultures, and try different food. Last week the cuisine was traditional British food, and next week we will be going to a barbecue restaurant. After a long day of English class, dinner club is also a way to relax and unwind. Every week we pick a new restaurant for students to try. London has so many great restaurants with different foods from around the world. Other than trying delicious foods dinner club is also a great way to learn about other students and their cultures. Last week we had students from Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Taiwan. The students shared experiences from their country and got to learn about each other’s countries. Getting involved in social activities is always a good way to meet new people and practice your English. Dinner club is not the only social event we offer. We also have meditation, walking tours, and dance classes. If you would like to learn more about our weekly social events make sure you check our social calendar. If you are interested in dinner club and want to get involved in our English lessons for adults in London look at our website.

Party all night!!! Not only.

Exciting news for the Londoners and obviously for the tourists. From the 19th of August NIGHT TUBE are running youhouuuu!!! After a long wait it’s finally on the track, London’s tube runs 24 hours service on Friday and Saturday nights. Not only great for the partiers it’s also great and it makes easier the life of a lot of hard workers who work late especially week ends. Londoners, tourists and “late” workers in London are now able to commute on the five tube lines which are Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Central and Northern lines all night every Friday and Saturday. TFL (Transport For London) promises an average of trains every 10 minutes on almost all lines that will be in service these two nights. About the cost TFL will apply standard off – peak fares so £6.50. However, just be careful because unfortunately the tube won’t operate on every branches on all lines but have a look on the map (below) and you’ll be fine :)!     Following the example of New York, London city is slowly but surely entering into the sphere of the cities which “never sleep”.   Enjoy your trip :)!!!!!   Interested in having more information about our school, about English learning for adults, check our website and see you soon in London!  

Isle of Wight, what a wonderful Surprise! Part 1 :)…

Let me talk to you about my great discovery here in England. Who would think that there is beautiful beaches in England? To be honest with you, not me……. Until that day.   I discovered a wonderful place with some of my friends a month ago.   Isle of wight is a small island in the south of England. It is not close to London but it worth the journey. My friends and I went with Anderson Tours company,they sell a day trip to Isle of Wight or week end trip.   We left from London and had about 3 hours journey by bus and then we took the ferry. What surprised me first is when we arrived at Southampton, the air was so nice. You can smell the sea air whaouuuuuu amazing!!! We loved the impression. Then we took the ferry, the crossing is about an hour.   We were on the ferry outside enjoying nice fresh sea air!! And then amazing feeling we’ve seen the isle :). We almost felt like explorers when they discover a new island. From the ferry, it looks quite big J!!! But it is not so big, Isle of Wight is 380 km².   We went back in the bus and started our visit of Isle of Wight!!!!! If you are curious about what we’ve done and discover in Isle of Wight, stay tune on EC London 30+ blog 🙂 !!!!   To be continued…

Ivan’s testimonial or how to enjoy London by walk!

Ivan’s testimonial, an EC London student.   My name’s Ivan. I’m 34 years old and I come from Spain. My expectations before arriving to London were learning english and stay in a good city to visit things, and during after 2 weeks in the academy… All my expectations were covered! Probably better than I thoguht . I am going to explain all arguments that I’ve considered interesting: – Choosen city: London. It’s amazing place. Easy to walk, walk and walk… And during your travelling around the city you are continuously discovering some interesting places. It’s multicultural, restaurants everywhere, theatre, cinemas, monuments, and a very good artist singing on the streets! – Academy: EC Learning. I am really satisfied. The location is very good, safe (you feel safe everywhere), good connected with diferent parts of london by: underground, train (connected too with another cities of London), buses… And walking! EC workers (teachers and assistants) are continuously helping you and you’ve never been alone. In my case I needed to manage changes in my allocation and they were be ready to help me and manage everything. Media resources were correct and the academy provides you everything: usefull rooms to learn, to stay with collegues and they offers you some cultural activities to spend your time in london better. – Intensive Course (English for work). I was in the intermediate level for 2 weeks and I was really happy with collegues and the level of the class. You feel very safe because everybody is like you, traying to learn english…. It’s a very good experience too to speak with people with different accents, different culture,… I had three different teachers and all of them were perfect ones! All of them had a very good attitude to helps you and work to have good … Read more

Astrid testimonial

Astrid’s Testimonial, a German student at EC London 30+   I choose EC because I want to go with Erasmus+ and search for some school. I search in the internet and find EC. I looked at the comments, they were good.   About London and the school: It’s a lively city. There are very old and interesting buildings. The school has a very good organisation and nice people.   I really liked the organisation outside the school especially the Sunday. So, I got to know a lot of people on the first day. That was a great help.   Yes of course I would recommend EC. The organisation is good.   We are in Soho. It’s nice to hang out in the evenings I go back in Sunday afternoon. But on the first day the organisation by EC was good.   If you want to join us for the Sunday activity and learn English at EC London, check our website.  

Bloomsbury Group Classroom Designs

            Have you wondered what the inspiration behind our beautiful classroom designs at EC London 30+ is? Well, have a read of this blog from our Teacher Jess to find out. Each of our classrooms has its own unique decoration. They are very bright and colourful and some are quite abstract. Although each classroom is individual they are all connected as they are inspired by a group of artists and writers who lived and worked in Bloomsbury at the beginning of the 20th century. They are called The Bloomsbury Group. Bloomsbury is an area of London just south of EC school. It is home to London University, the British Museum and several famous medical institutions. In the early 20th century it was a residential area with lots of large houses and garden squares. The most famous member of The Bloomsbury Group is the writer Virginia Woolf. She wrote several famous books including Mrs Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. Have a look at classroom 308+ to see an image of Virginia designed by her sister Vanessa Bell. Vanessa was an artist and designer and often designed book covers for her sister’s novels. You can see more examples of her designs in classrooms 310+, 313+ and 314+. Another Bloomsbury Group writer is represented in classroom 311+. This is Lytton Strachey in an image which is inspired by a painting by Dora Carrington. Lytton Strachey was famous for writing biographies especially one about Queen Victoria. He was also quite well known for having a very long beard – this was very unfashionable at the time. Classrooms 307+ and 309+ pay tribute to two Bloomsbury Group artists. There is a self-portrait by Roger Fry who became a very successful curator and organiser of art exhibitions. The abstract design is … Read more

Our students check out the graffiti in Shoreditch!

 A Guided Tour of the graffiti in Shoreditch!   February in London and a windy grey day did not stop the students of EC Covent Garden who went to visit one of the hidden pearls of the city, the fabulous street art venues in the central borough of Shoreditch! This tour is part of our new Free English Lesson programme, open to EC Covent Garden students, which is composed of two activities, the first one is an excursion in London with one of our English teachers and the second one is a free English lesson based on what our students have done and learned. This is a way to socialise, discover London with Londoners and learn English at the same time! Since 2000, Shoreditch has grown as an important staging ground for graffiti artists from around the world, such as Swoon, Roa, Blek Le Rat and Vhils and local artists like Banksy, Eine, D*Face, Sweet Toof, Pure Evil and Stik. Over the last 15 years the walls of Shoreditch have constantly changed, hosting new and diverse artwork, and turning the area into a huge and astonishing open-air art venue. Graffiti is the oldest expression of art in the history of human beings. The first graffiti art work is 40,000 years old. In the past, graffiti was used to enforce laws, to tell stories or to consolidate religions. Nowadays graffiti is widely recognised as the art form of social and political dissent against the status quo. The day after their excursion, these EC Covent Garden students joined a Free English Lesson, a presentation class, with Kirsty, their English teacher and guide for their tour in Shoreditch. Click here if you want to learn more about our English lessons for adults in the UK. Check out our website if you’d like to … Read more