My favourite places in London

Hey guys, I have been in London since July, already 5 months have gone. London is a wonderful city full of surprises and many things to see and visit. During this long period, I created a wish list with all my favourite places that I love – let’s go! My first favourite place Is Camden town, because it is a place that has never lost its attraction. The Market is open every day and they offer amazing meals. During the summer it is fun to share a meal with friends near the river. During the winter you can feel the real Christmas spirit with the street full of lights. In Camden there are different streets with big interesting drawings. Another beautiful place that I suggest are the main touristic streets for example Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. They offer a lot of markets, cinemas, pubs and shops. All the 4 streets are also close to each other. Piccadilly and Leicester Square are famous for the cinemas, which are some of the largest in London. In fact, every week we have a cinema night. This week we watched Charlie’s Angels. It is funny action movie open to all the ages. Love it ? And to conclude I present you . . . Covent Garden. It is magic because it has a big square, and it is 2 minutes from the station, it has different luxurious shops. But I prefer to visit the less crowded streets, in fact one of the best of this city is Neal’s Yard. It is a small alley and I love it because there is my favourite pizza restaurant the Homeslice Neal’s Yard, and around there are different wineries and many original decorations, that place transmits happiness’. I’m going to miss this city but … Read more

Studying in London? Here are 5 spots for dinner with a view!

I think we can all agree that London has some breathtaking views; particularly during the evenings when the city lights up. And what better way to take in these views than by enjoying a great dinner in the heart of the city and sampling the varied cuisines the capital has to offer. Here is a round up of my top 5 dinner locations in London with stunning views of the city!   1.) The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street One of the best known spots for dinner in London with panoramic views of the city. The Shard boasts a number of culinary delights under one roof. The location has some of the best views of the city as restaurants are located within London’s tallest building. There are restaurants here to suit everyone’s taste, from British classics to Chinese cuisines and more. The views of the city at sunset and night make any of the restaurants a great choice particularly for special occasions. PS. This would make a great suggestion for a celebration with friends after completing your course at EC London 30+!   2.) Big Easy, London Canary Wharf Another great location with views of London’s Canary Wharf. Big Easy serves up a BBQ inspired menu with plenty of seafood options too. There’s also a pretty cool bar! Diners here are treated to a stunning view of the river below as well as the impressive buildings in London’s financial district.   3.) Heron Tower, Duck & Waffle/Sushi Samba Situated close to London Liverpool Street is Heron Tower, in which you can find 2 different but equally great restaurants. Sushi Samba is popular as it brings together a range of world cuisines under one roof. The restaurant is located across the 38th and 39th floor, which gives an epic view of … Read more

New intern at EC London 30+

Hi, I am Deanna, I’m 23 years old and I’m a student. I come from the State Tourism and Hotel Management School Switzerland.  I’m here at EC London +30 to do an internship, it is an experience that is helping me to improve my professional skills and the use of the language. In the past I worked in many sectors like welfare, administration, accountancy and soon on. And now I begin my adventure in tourism. I started to love travel and everything that it represents when I was a child. I remember my first solo trip, I went to Germany to learn the language, it was an experience that permitted me to grow mentally. I am a bit of an introverted person, but the team of EC are very helpful and friendly, and I hope to learn all that I can from them. After my internship I have already “organised” my possible next destination, it will be Scandinavia, and my dream is to visit all the cold nations by boat with my family, the problem is that they don’t like the cold, but I’m sure I can convince them ?. Something about me: clearly, I love travel, but my main difficulty is that I need to organise everything in minimum details, and consequently I can’t live the experience 100%. But on the other hand, I am a person dynamic and I need to have something to do, I can’t stay still. In fact, one of my favourite sports activities is walking. When I’m alone or bored I take my bottle of water and I go around. While during my typical Sunday I like to draw, I’m not a real artist but that relax me. Thanks for reading, Deanna ?   Ready for this adventure EC London 30+

Good and cheap food near EC London School

Hello to all our lovely English learners of EC London 30+, I hope you are all doing well and improving your English with us! Today it’s time to talk about food! We know that learning is important but so is food. From food trucks to fine dining spots, London has the best cuisine from all around the globe at a range of prices. Last week, I wanted to try exotic food. Therefore I opted for Korean food, which I never had before, and I can tell you that I do not regret this choice. On the Bab On the Bab is a Korean street food restaurant located in 36 Wellington St, Covent Garden. Moreover it is only 15 min on tube from our English School for Adults in London. If you do not want to wait for a seat, you can always ask for takeaway, which is convenient if you are on a rush! This restaurant is opened 7 days a week, usually from 11:30 to 22:30 on Mondays to Saturdays and from 11:30 to 21:00 on Sundays. Both, me and my friend ordered Bibimbap for £9.5, which is a Korean rice dish with various ingredients including the meat of your choice. I can say that it was tasty and healthy, the good thing is that we had a set of 3 traditional Korean sauces to add to our Bibimbap, from sweet to spicy. I am sure you will find your happiness! If you have a big appetite you can order Korean side dishes called “banchan”! Nice food, friendly staff and cosy atmosphere, I strongly recommend On the Bab!   Contact us for more information on learning English in London

Let me introduce you to Takato, new 30+ Student Services Intern

Name: Takato Age: 25 Nationality: Japanese Mother tongue: Japanese Home: Sapporo in Japan Job at EC English School: 30+ Student Services Intern How long are you going to stay at EC? Until November Other languages: Japanese Hobbies: Doing sports, workout and watching films Family: I live with my parents in my city. Studies and future plans: I studied Economics and Sociolinguistics. My future plans are vague, but I want to live in Hawaii sometime. That is my goal. Favourite food: Cheeseburger Favourite place in London: I like St James`s park. What is your favourite serie? Santa Clarita Diet! This is so hilarious and cozy! What is your first impression of London? When I came here, I thought this place was crazy. I went to soho and I got surprised. I got used to this city now and everything is amazing. Why did you choose London? I came here as a student at first. When I was thinking about studying abroad, I watched some random English films, then I liked the way they talked. That is why I chose London.   I was also  a student at EC London, so If you are interested in English lessons for adults in London, please have a look at our website.

London’s Interactive Map

  There is so much to do and see in London, sometimes it is easy to get lost. Time Out has designed an interactive and cultural TFL map that lets you click on each tube station to see what’s going on in the area. This interactive map of Transport for London’s network shows more than 500 Time Out-recommended museums, galleries, street art and more near each station. It is a great way to see London from a new perspective. Time Out did a great job of compiling interesting places close to tube stations and creating a interactive map. If you have time to spare before class this map is a great way to explore London. Below are examples of how the map works. Click here to check out this interactive map!       Find out more about EC’s English lessons for adults in London.

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Dinner Club After English Class In London

      Not only does EC offer English lessons for adults in London, we also offer dinner club as part of our social program. Dinner club is a great way to meet other students, learn about other cultures, and try different food. Last week the cuisine was traditional British food, and next week we will be going to a barbecue restaurant. After a long day of English class, dinner club is also a way to relax and unwind. Every week we pick a new restaurant for students to try. London has so many great restaurants with different foods from around the world. Other than trying delicious foods dinner club is also a great way to learn about other students and their cultures. Last week we had students from Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Taiwan. The students shared experiences from their country and got to learn about each other’s countries. Getting involved in social activities is always a good way to meet new people and practice your English. Dinner club is not the only social event we offer. We also have meditation, walking tours, and dance classes. If you would like to learn more about our weekly social events make sure you check our social calendar. If you are interested in dinner club and want to get involved in our English lessons for adults in London look at our website.

EC London Culture Day

Yesterday the Bloomsbury Group of EC London 30+ put on an amazing day of culture, food, and dance. The day started with different language lessons including a Lithuanian lesson by Vitalij, and a Spanish lesson with Paula. Later in the day students and staff got to learn difference dance styles. Zeynep started off by teaching the traditional dance of Turkey, belly dancing. After belly dancing Hardy from Columbia taught us how to salsa dance! Lastly, Fernando taught us a famous Brazilian dance called ciranda.   After a morning full of learning languages and dancing we were able to enjoy many foods from different countries. Yessica and Mario brought delicious empanadas from Columbia. Matilda brought multiple homemade Korean dishes. Wendy brought Chinese food, Sara brought Arabic food, and Beatrice brought cheeses from France.   To end the day, we had a wonderful presentation from Yuka, Gigi, Matilda, and Younyoung on the culture of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Their presentation included information on foods and clothing of each of their countries. A big thank you to Yuka for organizing the presentation. We hope everyone had a fun day experiencing cultures from around the world. Below are some photos of the day!     To learn more about English teaching courses in London please visit our website  

Mariluz, long term student at EC London 30+

Here is Mariluz testimonial, Colombian student who stayed at EC London 30+ for 33 weeks.   I choose to study with EC because my agency in Colombia recommended me EC and they told me that EC was 30+ and it attracted me. What I like about London is that London is an unique city. I love walking in its green parks where you feel that you are not anymore in the city. London has uge and amazing museums where you can spend endless hours. Another amusing plan is visiting its markets, everyone is special and there you can find food, antiques, vintage stuff and so on. What’s more from London you can travel to many places in Europeand any of them are fantastic destinations. And don’t forget the spectacular musical plays that you can find in London. What I like about the school is that in 30+ you can find classmates of your same age and it is nice because you meet interesting people. What’s more EC has good teaching level, its teachers are well training and you have 2 differents teachers in each level and everyone emphasizes different skills. Another good thing is its location and its website where you can reinforce what you learn. The atmosphere at EC is so nice, teachers, staff and classmates are really friendly and what’s more all of us are used to spending good time together in the traditional school pub that makes EC a really familiar place. I would recommend EC because of all I have mentioned above. Also London is full of cafes and restaurants where you can have good chats. I really love Notting Hill area. I love walking in any of London’s park ( Regents park, Hyde park, Richmond) or visiting its markets or museums.   Mariluz testimonial maybe inspired you to come … Read more

A journey to Amritsar

Dominik is one of our wonderful student and he accepted to share with us one of his great life experience, Enjoy!! A journey to Amritsar by Dominik Horber   Recently I backpacked through Asia. In March 2017 my journey led me to a city called Amritsar in the northwest of India. It is the hometown of the Sikhs. Although Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world, I have the feeling Europeans do not know a lot about it. In contrast to the Hindus, the Sikhs do not have a caste system. According to their faith it does not matter where you are from, to which family someone belongs or how wealthy you are. Neither is gender relevant.   When I arrived in the city and got in touch with the local people their friendliness and hospitality immediately warmed my heart. Along the most frequented roads, soothing music is played through speakers. Embedded in the middle of the city and surrounded by water lies the Sri Harmandir Sahib, better known as the Golden temple. It is considered the holiest place of the Sikhs and you can soak up positive energy as you stroll around the big building complex. Apart from this, there is a huge kitchen next to the temple. It is financed by donations and run by volunteers. Everyone is welcome and the food is for free! Since I did not want to miss this experience I queued up, received a plate, a bowl and cutlery. Volunteers were distributing roti, dal, soup and drinking water. And here is the best thing about my visit to the so-called biggest kitchen in the world: The meal was so luscious, it really was! Thank you Dominik for sharing this experience with us ☺.   Would like to have a nice and good … Read more