Westminster Tour

Hello to all my dear EC London 30+ students and to all of our readers! On the 1st of April, EC London 30+ had the great pleasure of offering to the students a new activity: “Westminster Tour”. Once again, this activity was a way for our students to learn more about the UK. As well as acquiring English vocabulary and strengthening bonds between students. At 6:30 pm, students and EC London staff met the guide Karan, at Parliament Square. As a first step, Karan introduced himself so did each student. After that, we got an introduction of the surrounding buildings and their main functions. The Parliament Square Garden was overcrowded with protesters and reporters due to the controversial Brexit. After some pictures of the outside of parliament, we finally entered in the heart of UK’s legislature: the Houses of Parliament! Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the House of Common due to an incident that happened a few minutes before. However, we got the privilege to enter the House of Lords and attend a debate. MPs were debating on Brexit, more precisely about Brexit and Erasmus. In this hectic and uncertain governmental period, both staff and students were able to get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes. If you would like as well to Learn English Abroad and take part in this unique adventure, EC London 30+ is undoubtedly the place to be.

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Dinner Club After English Class In London

      Not only does EC offer English lessons for adults in London, we also offer dinner club as part of our social program. Dinner club is a great way to meet other students, learn about other cultures, and try different food. Last week the cuisine was traditional British food, and next week we will be going to a barbecue restaurant. After a long day of English class, dinner club is also a way to relax and unwind. Every week we pick a new restaurant for students to try. London has so many great restaurants with different foods from around the world. Other than trying delicious foods dinner club is also a great way to learn about other students and their cultures. Last week we had students from Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Taiwan. The students shared experiences from their country and got to learn about each other’s countries. Getting involved in social activities is always a good way to meet new people and practice your English. Dinner club is not the only social event we offer. We also have meditation, walking tours, and dance classes. If you would like to learn more about our weekly social events make sure you check our social calendar. If you are interested in dinner club and want to get involved in our English lessons for adults in London look at our website.

English language coaching workshop at EC London

Interested in a new experience while studying English at EC London school, join an English language coaching workshop.   Niva was one of EC London teacher and is now a life coach. She nicely offers to help the student and to coach them to help them in their studies. Niva is running a coaching session quite often at the school and the next to come is on the 21st of April 2018, so if you are around, please come and join, it will be a great and benefic experience. This workshop of 2 hours is fun and interactive and take your English learning to the next level by looking at your motivation for learning English and creating a plan for the next 3 months. In this workshop you will learn tips and ways to improve your language and study skills and achieve the level of English that you want.   This workshop is for all levels and is suitable for long or short-term students. It will help you achieve your English language skills, so please don’t hesitate to join us. If you are interested, please book at the reception, the costs of the workshop is only £15. More information on the social programme and the social board. Here below some feedbacks from previous students who attended the workshop: “Your coaching workshop impressed me! Thank you so much” Kazumasa, Japan It’s a great document to guide the people in their learning” Thierry, France   You are interested in coming in London, maybe for some English classes for adults in London, join us at EC London 30+.  

Socks or no socks? That is the question!

Ladies in hats and gentlemen without socks, this is how I have pictured British style in my mind based on lifestyle magazines. Unsurprisingly, it is common to glimpse sockless people, both men and women, on London’s streets even in the winter time. However, there is no doubt that these pieces of clothing serve a purpose and can be also very ‘classy’. Therefore, let’s talk further about ever growing no sock trend. The main reason of showing ankles is to achieve a stylish look as evidenced by the internet where number of guidelines teaches about sockless style. For example, according to esquire.co.uk no socks go better with skinny things while the site claims, once you embrace this style you will never look back (1). On the opposite site of the dilemma are mainly health reasons such as keeping the feet warm to avoid cold or possible foot infections. According to an article published by BBC, recently there has been a rise in fungal problems infections in young men because of the trendy ankle look (2). For example, wearing shoes without socks can lead to athlete’s foot (3). Many celebrities, such as Aaron Paul and Orlando Bloom, serve as good example of sockless style and inspiration for many young people (4). However, nobody wants to risk any health issues. Among one of the options for how to avoid health problems and to give the impression of going sockless is, according to fashion designer Robert Johnston, wearing of secret socks (5). Another possibility how to go with fashion is to wear stylish socks which are now available everywhere. The sockless trend inherently belongs to Britain and it is very stylish on the one hand, but on the other we should also think about our health and among one of options how to be … Read more

Yoda, Sun and Yoga: a story of Mountain and Tree

Yoda said once “Always pass on what you have learned.”. Last week we re-started Yoga classes at school and I tried it ?, so as Yoda said I will pass on what I learnt!!!   First thing you need to know is that is accessible for everyone, you don’t have to be an expert to join these classes at the school, leave the expertise to the wonderful teacher Vaila. Let me tell you that it was a really nice experience, I was interested in Yoga but never done it before so that was the occasion. The Yoga experience starts at 6.10 pm with an English lesson about Yoga. So you will learn the vocabulary and the positions ?!!!!!! After a little quiz to see if you got the parts of the body right and understood what is the pinky ?, you’re all good to start the practice.   Vaila will be here to help you to connect with your body and your inside by the breathing, really good technique to take away tension and stress and starts relaxing your body and your mind. Slowly, slowly you will get through the different positions such as the Mountain ? and the Tree!!!!! And still work on your breathing!! You will also learn the salutation to the Sun which is a important part of the Yoga itself. Step by step Vaila will go through the different position on this salutation with you ?!   You will understand how connected are all the parts of your body even the smallest one. You will feel every part of your body lol, it might not feel that good (at first) but no worries it means it works and that your body is receptive. Yoga is a sport, trust me it is not that easy but it … Read more

How to enjoy a full movie in English from Luciana

Wonderful testimonial of Luciana, Brazilian student at EC London. So, first I will talk about the EC. Without a doubt, I’ll indicate this course to other people, because, I liked the reception, the structure, the people that I had ‘contact’ working there were always polite or educated with me, (sometimes I don’t know the better word hehe) the teachers (I will do a specific “review” about it), the location was important thing, it’s near a terminal and underground, just perfect (and near Camden Town too, it’s amazing, hehe just a joke).   And another detail (in my opinion) to keep separate the 30+ class, I thought it important, because I felt the people could interact more (not really sure, but I felt it) So, for the experience at EC was perfect, more than I expected.   And I need to tell you about an own and exciting experience, when I was coming back, at the flight, I saw 3 movies, completely in english and without subtitle, woooww for me it’s very nice, I remember, I felt so happy, because, of course, some words or sentences I couldn’t understand, but I got the message, some jokes, conversations, I thought it really nice, and a wanted to share with you.   And now about my teachers, hehe…   I liked the way you teach. I could learn, and you can hold our attention because this way is interesting. We can see that you like to do it and it facilitates to learning and teaching when you do something that you like. Probably I’ll never say again words like ‘sidewalk’ ‘subway’ or ‘soccer’  I promise FOOTBALL, and study (definitely) for understanding the exactly moment that I could use “I have been here for….” But now I ask myself “What’s the British people problem with words that beginning with a letter “S”? (I’ll investigate) … Read more

Fancy a Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast club is a free activity provided at the school in the lounge every day Tuesday to Friday. The breakfast club is done by one member of the staff who change every day, every morning from 8.30 am to 9.00 am. It is a conversation class to wake up your mind in English before you start your class. It can be a discussion about a specific topic, a game or a mini lesson.   All the students can join the breakfast club, students from all levels. It is a conversation activity but it can also be a listening activity. The breakfast club is a really good opportunity to improve your speaking and listening skills outside the class. You can also get to know the other students during this activity and share with them. Sometimes we start the breakfast club on one topic and we move to another one, the students can give their impression about anything and sometimes some tips. For example, which museum you can visit, what is their favorite place in London, they share some good restaurant addresses.   It’s really nice to see the students interact with each other’s and get friendly :). It also good for the students to listen to other student’s accent, to be able to understand the different nationalities accent, to be able to understand their classmate in class. The breakfast club is a good opportunity to improve your English during a fun activity. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, so don’t hesitate to join us. Interesting of having EC London breakfast club experience, join us at the school to take English classes for adult in London.

Metro, your new bedside book

Hi new Londoners, future new Londoners or Londoners!   Shall we speak a little bit about the most famous thing in London? Any guesses?….. ……   The London tube 🙂 , or more about Metro the tube free newspaper. I take the tube every day to go to work and I always pick up one of these multiple newspaper, the most common one is Metro. I love reading it during my journey, it is really interesting and sometimes funny. At first you will be quite surprise about the headlines, sometimes it’s huge and big but you will have a little article in the newspaper which is quite surprising when you are expecting a full article or a full explanation. There is also a lot of stories about British people, sometimes happy stories sometimes sad stories. And you will have a little bit of politic, advertising and sport especially FOOTBALL!! The thing that astonished me is the property section, is it huge, maybe half of the newspaper. Which is surprising knowing that in London there is some issues with accommodation for British people themselves but also for foreigners. Let’s talk about a really nice section and also my favorite, the Travel news. You always have the latest news about transport in London (tube, trains, buses), about TFL (Transport For London). You will always be aware of any works on some lines, or any events etc… This section is really well written as well. A few days ago, I was reading Metro and on the Travel news section they were giving tips about what to visit in London and especially the best times to visit these see sight to avoid the crowd (even if it’s really busy all the time in London). You can have a look on the picture below :).   … Read more

Easter at EC London 30+

  Easter with the Bloomsbury Group   On 12 April 2017 the Bloomsbury Group got creative and met up to make some lovely Easter decorations. They were all handmade from felt and decorated with buttons and trimmings.  There were three different designs: an Easter egg, an Easter bunny and an Easter chick Some students had never sewn before while others were very professional and expert. But the results were all excellent and each decoration had its own unique character.   Some of the students’ handiwork: Happy Easter bunnies: Sweet little Easter chicks:   Beautifully decorated Easter eggs:   If you want to join us to take English lessons for adults in London but especially meet great people and do great activities, check our website.

Food Glorious Food!

A visit to London’s Borough Market provides the perfect opportunity to expand and develop your lesson on food vocabulary and really engages the students.   A melting pot of vibrant and diverse smells, tastes and colours, Borough Market delivers a sensory overload, whether you are there to taste the food, shop or just to people watch.   This experience also opens up a wide range of opportunities to exploit the topic of your lesson – food. You can describe the food that you see, smell and taste and encourage students to develop their range of food adjectives. You can also discuss countable and uncountable nouns, likes and dislikes, comparatives and superlatives and the influence of other cultures, which is evident from the wide array of culinary treats on offer! I focused my lesson on the differences between typical British food and the typical food from the students’ country, developing the students’ use of adjectives and general vocabulary.   During our visit to Borough Market I took the students to the Tea2you stall. I’ve been there on numerous occasions and the charismatic owner; Ratan Mondal has an unrelenting and infectious passion for his product.   After I explained that our group consisted of students who were learning English from many different countries, Ratan launched into a highly entertaining and engaging presentation about his products, the history of the company, the health benefits of good tea, the history of tea in the UK and also offered the students the opportunity to ask any questions. Everyone got the chance to try the tea too!   The students really enjoyed the visit and it allowed them the opportunity to utilise their English in a real context.   Enjoy a great experience while taking Adult English classes in London with EC.