An interview of Lisiê, a 30+ student

Hi, this is Elora from EC London 30+. Let me introduce one of our student and her story. Lisiê, a 30+ student, is from Brazil but before coming to London, she spent a few days in Portugal with her sister. She used to travel a lot, from the US to Europe for instance. “I love to travel! So, since I like the British culture and want to improve my English, I chose to go to London” she said. Unfortunately, she faced some issues when she arrived in the UK. “There was a misunderstanding and I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to do.” It’s true that being alone in a country you don’t know can be sometimes difficult. But no matter what the problem is, the school will help any students who is in trouble. Luckily, Alex managed to help her and the problem was solved in 2-3 days. “Alex was so nice to me, and super efficient. She was very patient and she reassured me. At the end, my problem was quickly resolved with the help of the staff.” Today, Lisiê’s problem is solved and she is relieved. “The school was perfect in helping me with my problem” she said. “Now I can enjoy my English classes without worrying about anything so again, thank you very much guys!” Lisiê has a pre-advanced level and she seems to be very happy with her classes. “The level is perfect, neither too simple nor too difficult”. When she was in Brazil, she had a pre-intermediate level and with private classes and the English workshop, she quickly improved her level. “I want to do my best here and I look forward to improve more and more my English” she concluded. And of course, we wish her all the best!

From France to London

Hi! I am Elora, a 20 years old student coming from the University of Strasbourg in France. I am doing an internship in EC London in order to finish my Applied Foreign Languages degree and after many struggles and hesitations, I am well settled and ready to begin a new life in London! My boyfriend is also coming with me and will work at the Apple Store of Brent Cross, starting in the middle of May. Since he must end his job contract in France at first, I managed to find a flat alone in Hendon, for us and our pet rats. This was quite difficult since the rental apartment market is crazy in London! But in 4 days of viewings, I found a nice and cosy flat in a residential neighbourhood. Before coming in London, I studied English and Japanese languages in Strasbourg and did several students jobs in restaurants or as a babysitter. Last summer, I also travelled to Japan alone and it was my first trip outside of Europe. It was also the best trip I ever did. I met a lot of people and went to a lot of places both in cities and in the countryside of the country. This is at this moment that I decided to live in another country than France because I wanted to discover the world. So, since the United Kingdom is not too far away from France, my boyfriend and I decided to go to London in order to become bilingual and start a new life abroad. So far, I love working at EC London It is a place where I can meet a lot of people from different areas of the world and all the staff is amazing. I am here for 5 months and I look forward to … Read more

EC London Culture Day

Yesterday the Bloomsbury Group of EC London 30+ put on an amazing day of culture, food, and dance. The day started with different language lessons including a Lithuanian lesson by Vitalij, and a Spanish lesson with Paula. Later in the day students and staff got to learn difference dance styles. Zeynep started off by teaching the traditional dance of Turkey, belly dancing. After belly dancing Hardy from Columbia taught us how to salsa dance! Lastly, Fernando taught us a famous Brazilian dance called ciranda.   After a morning full of learning languages and dancing we were able to enjoy many foods from different countries. Yessica and Mario brought delicious empanadas from Columbia. Matilda brought multiple homemade Korean dishes. Wendy brought Chinese food, Sara brought Arabic food, and Beatrice brought cheeses from France.   To end the day, we had a wonderful presentation from Yuka, Gigi, Matilda, and Younyoung on the culture of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Their presentation included information on foods and clothing of each of their countries. A big thank you to Yuka for organizing the presentation. We hope everyone had a fun day experiencing cultures from around the world. Below are some photos of the day!     To learn more about English teaching courses in London please visit our website  

Mariluz, long term student at EC London 30+

Here is Mariluz testimonial, Colombian student who stayed at EC London 30+ for 33 weeks.   I choose to study with EC because my agency in Colombia recommended me EC and they told me that EC was 30+ and it attracted me. What I like about London is that London is an unique city. I love walking in its green parks where you feel that you are not anymore in the city. London has uge and amazing museums where you can spend endless hours. Another amusing plan is visiting its markets, everyone is special and there you can find food, antiques, vintage stuff and so on. What’s more from London you can travel to many places in Europeand any of them are fantastic destinations. And don’t forget the spectacular musical plays that you can find in London. What I like about the school is that in 30+ you can find classmates of your same age and it is nice because you meet interesting people. What’s more EC has good teaching level, its teachers are well training and you have 2 differents teachers in each level and everyone emphasizes different skills. Another good thing is its location and its website where you can reinforce what you learn. The atmosphere at EC is so nice, teachers, staff and classmates are really friendly and what’s more all of us are used to spending good time together in the traditional school pub that makes EC a really familiar place. I would recommend EC because of all I have mentioned above. Also London is full of cafes and restaurants where you can have good chats. I really love Notting Hill area. I love walking in any of London’s park ( Regents park, Hyde park, Richmond) or visiting its markets or museums.   Mariluz testimonial maybe inspired you to come … Read more

The Bloomsbury watch, the new trendy accessorize

The Bloomsbury Group – Sewing Club   On Friday 14 July the Bloomsbury Group Sewing Club met up to make some super summer accessories: fabric watches!   The ‘watches’ were quite fiddly to make – you can see the concentration here:   But the hard work paid off and students produced some great little bracelets.   The big decision was deciding which time to set the ‘watch’ to. These students have no excuse for ever being late to class again!     Well done to the Bloomsbury Group Sewists! Would you like to be trendy and fluent in English, hava a look at EC London website and our English lessons for adults in England might interest you!

Christophe, French pilot and student at EC London 30+

Christophe a French student left us his testimonial. he was a student for 16 weeks.   I have chosen this school because EC London has a department dedicated to adults aged 30 years and over. Which is great! It’s really easy and fast to go to London from Paris. London is a lovely beautiful city which offers something for everybody: parks, museums, shopping, pubs, nightclubs, theatres… and EC 30+ ?. The list is large! Obviously, I like the 30+ side and the Breakfast Club, the free lessons which are very interesting and useful and the Dinner Club!   My most unforgettable memory of EC is my Intensive Class with Frits. He is an amazing teacher. Of course, I would recommend this school because teacher are competent, motivated and all staff fuss over students.   Camden and Shoreditch are my favourite places to hang out in the evening. Parks and museums are a good idea!   If you want to experience EC London 30+ and our English lessons for adults, visit our website.  

Easter at EC London 30+

  Easter with the Bloomsbury Group   On 12 April 2017 the Bloomsbury Group got creative and met up to make some lovely Easter decorations. They were all handmade from felt and decorated with buttons and trimmings.  There were three different designs: an Easter egg, an Easter bunny and an Easter chick Some students had never sewn before while others were very professional and expert. But the results were all excellent and each decoration had its own unique character.   Some of the students’ handiwork: Happy Easter bunnies: Sweet little Easter chicks:   Beautifully decorated Easter eggs:   If you want to join us to take English lessons for adults in London but especially meet great people and do great activities, check our website.

After 11 months we say goodbye to Mauricio.

Today we want to say goodbye to our lovely long term student Mauricio, who just have finished a 11 month course here at EC London 30+ He would love to share his opinion about EC with us.   It all began a year ago when I decided to study English abroad because of my strong desire to take my professional career into the next level, so I can apply for some job offers from multinational companies without problems. Therefore, I quit my job and started choosing a good English school I could get the best learning experience to achieve my goal. I have always dreamed about studying in London because this place is one of the most important cities in the world and there is plenty of things to do such as visiting museums and iconic buildings, attending events, having great time with friends, having meals at nice restaurants, good libraries and learning about new cultures and people. EC London 30+ has everything it needs to promote people’s learning and social capabilities, given the variety of academic and extracurricular programs it offers its students. The teachers of this school are truly committed to the learning of their students, the students are of excellence and come from different backgrounds and the classrooms and library are optimal to improve the English skills. Attending classes was confusing at the first time because it has been a long time since my last course I took and the teaching methodology was a bit complex. However, I can remember that my first day at EC London was great, the staff was friendly, helpful and available to answer all my enquiries because I was not able to speak and understand English easily. I took the Beginner class for one week and then I moved to the elementary ones. Overall, … Read more