The Mimosa Club Memories – Chiara Politi

In our free writing class last week, our students learned how to write a story to describe a childhood memory. One of our Italian students wrote about her experience when she was 9 years old…   The Mimosa Club Memories I’d like to share a particular memory about my childhood, I can surely say that it was one of my favourite school memories and it’s about my break time at school. I was more or less 9/10 years old and I was at primary school, we used to have a break after our lunch time and we would spend it in the school playground. What’s more, every day we used to play a sort of theatre drama, we’ve created a real club and I was the boss, it was called The Mimosa Club. What happened was this, in springtime we used to celebrate a huge mimosa tree, which was in a corner of the garden, during his flowering, just like a goddess. Also, each person had their own job: there were some girls who kept clean the ground around the tree and others who sang songs for our goddess. Finally, I used to be the main singer and everybody would repeat after me the song words. I clearly remember those play moments because they were some of our daily favourite moments at school! Chiara Politi (Italian) – General English, High Intermediate 1DB