A Gift From One of Our Students

“Thanks because you are always smiling and you make our lives easier. Everything has a solution with you. I have been very happy in this school.” Today one of our wonderful students came to us with this lovely note and a gift. It make us so happy to see you students satisfied with our school. Thank you Liliana Susana for the feedback!    

New student services intern from Sweden!

Hi! My name is Nellie and I’m currently interning at the 30+ reception. So to introduce myself, I am 18 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden. Though seven years ago I moved out of the city and on to an island in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. And yes I travel by boat to school every day or rather ferry. Living on an island for seven years has left me yearning for a big city. And when I started my education at my upper secondary school I found out about an internship abroad program. I instantly knew that I wanted to participate. Later I realised that I could go to London and was beyond excited. Moving to London for 7 weeks sounded like music to my ears! I just like many of you students at EC is living with one of EC’s host families. Meeting my host family for the first time was nerve racking. But upon meeting my host mum, Tracy all nerves evaporated. Tracy is very kind and made me feel at home instantly. Hobbies In my free time I coach cheer-leading and work in a coffee shop in central Gothenburg. I myself used to compete in cheer-leading up until 2 years ago when I started coaching. Coaching has helped me improve my patience greatly.  As i mentioned I also work in a coffee shop, which I love. I always knew I wanted to work in a service type of job and being able to combine my work with something I love is great. If you ever want a nice latte with a leaf or a heart on it just give me a shout 😉 Lastly I want to say that interning here at EC is very fun, not only because of you students but also the very nice … Read more

Morning Chats in the 30+ Lounge

Every morning, we offer some extra conversation time to our students with a member of the staff. We sit, have a hot drink and discuss a specific topic or even play some ice-breaker games. One day of this week, they asked us to provide some “hidden gems” in London. More specifically, street markets that they can attend… FOR FREE! To start off, we discussed the famous Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, which is the largest antique market in the world. Then, we talked a little bit about the Shoreditch area: Brick Lane and the Old Spitalfields Market. This last one is filled with the work of local artists and a wide variety of food to choose from. We briefly mentioned, probably the most known, Covent Garden in Central London and Borough Market by London Bridge, which is considered to be one of the oldest and largest markets in London. If you continue down the road from Borough Market, closer to Elephant & Castle, you will find another great place called Mercato Metropolitano. Here you will find food from all over the world like Vietnamese, Argentinian, Italian and Venezuelan. There are many other not-that-known places in this great city, so come discover them by studying at our English School for Adults in London.

Westminster Tour

Hello to all my dear EC London 30+ students and to all of our readers! On the 1st of April, EC London 30+ had the great pleasure of offering to the students a new activity: “Westminster Tour”. Once again, this activity was a way for our students to learn more about the UK. As well as acquiring English vocabulary and strengthening bonds between students. At 6:30 pm, students and EC London staff met the guide Karan, at Parliament Square. As a first step, Karan introduced himself so did each student. After that, we got an introduction of the surrounding buildings and their main functions. The Parliament Square Garden was overcrowded with protesters and reporters due to the controversial Brexit. After some pictures of the outside of parliament, we finally entered in the heart of UK’s legislature: the Houses of Parliament! Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the House of Common due to an incident that happened a few minutes before. However, we got the privilege to enter the House of Lords and attend a debate. MPs were debating on Brexit, more precisely about Brexit and Erasmus. In this hectic and uncertain governmental period, both staff and students were able to get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes. If you would like as well to Learn English Abroad and take part in this unique adventure, EC London 30+ is undoubtedly the place to be.

My 3rd Time at EC London 30+

    Meet Anne, our EC London 30+ student from France who tells us about her decision to learn English and how she came to study with EC for the third time! Everything started in 2017, when I decided to change a part of my life. I would improve my English and live an incredible and amazing experience. So what better than immersion? First time for me, quite worried about my skills, improvements… was I going to meet people or stay alone for 2 months… LOL. And how my French life was going to “survive” during my abroad stay… Everything wasn’t perfect and without some issues. But that seemed worthwhile! Such a rewarding experience of life ! And I improved my English skills so much.     The teachers and the whole team are amazing and teach with passion, the program of studies is awfully good. It’s been the perfect atmosphere to improve English. I’ve also met great people from different parts of the world. By the way, some are become friends, true friends. And the EC Staff are my “little family” in London. For 2 years, I finally was 3 times at EC, an English School for Adults in London, and I stayed 11 weeks. My words aren’t really enough to describe my EC experience, you have to live your own then!   By Anne,  EC London 30+ student from France 

New intern at EC London 30+

My name is Myriam, I am French and I come from Grenoble. I am studying Foreign Languages Applied to Business and for my 3rd and last year of my degree I decided to go abroad, more precisely to London, the city of Queen Elizabeth. I am currently working as an intern in EC London 30+ reception. My main tasks are to welcome new students and help them out if they have any concerns. Moreover EC London 30+ offers manifold activities to the students and that is why part of my job includes promoting those events and updating the official websites of EC London. The people working in EC London are all very nice and mindful, as for the working environment it is very welcoming. Some of the new students struggle a lot with English when they first come, but the EC London 30+ team is a multicultural team so do not worry, you’ll always find someone who speaks your language. I have chosen to do my internship in Great Britain because I wanted to improve my English and discover a new city. When I first arrived to London, the first thing that disrupted me were cars and buses riding on the left side of the road ! Maybe I’ll get used to this with time, who knows … Today is my first week in London and I did not get the time to visit a lot (expect from the underground obviously). Despite that I am determined to visit every street corner of LONDON! Other languages: French, Spanish, Arabic. Favourite movies: Harry Potter, The Green Mile. Favourite singers: Sam Cooke, Jorja Smith, Joy Crookes, Etta James. Would you also like to experience this journey ? Then let’s join us and Learn English in London !

Why you should study at EC London 30+

Are you trying to figure out where you would like to learn English? We got the right place for you! Here at EC London 30+, we have students from all over the world. Our 30+ school is offering students of all ages the possibility to learn English. It doesn’t matter where you´re from or your level of English, we encourage everyone to come and study at EC London 30+. We want our students to practice their English outside of their classrooms, therefore, we have an active social programme. For example, we go to a restaurant every week for some foreign food and to socialize. In addition, we have free classes if you would like some more improvement. The environment is welcoming as well as energetic. Take some time from your studies and hang out in the 30+ reception for a chat and some music. Get to know our staff and your classmates. You will enjoy this central school close to restaurants as well as some of the famous tourist attractions just a few tubes stops away. Come and have fun with us along the way and Learn English in London. EC London 30+

Our new intern in the EC London 30+ reception

We would like to introduce our new intern in the 30 + reception in London: My name is Linn Hidfors and I am the new intern in the 30+ reception. I am from Sweden, Gothenburg, where I am doing my last year of school. In Sweden I am studying Economics focused on business. The program that I am doing is also offering seven weeks of internship abroad, this is an EU project called Erasmus +. I applied for the internship and here I am in London now until the end of February. When I applied for the internship I wanted to work in an English-speaking country. In addition, I wanted a challenge. Therefore, London was the perfect place for me: A huge city with a lot of people. I come from a big city in Sweden, but I still got shocked with how many people are wandering around in London. I wanted to know what it was like to live in such a huge city with over 8 million citizens. It has been three weeks of my period here and I love London as a city. Additionally, I really enjoy my job here at EC London. The classrooms are nice and the location of the school is central. My co-workers are amazing and the same goes for all the students! Quick questions and answers about Linn: Other languages: Swedish and a bit of Spanish. Hobbies: I love working out as well as spending time with my friends! Favourite series: My favourite series is Friends. It is so fun, love it. Favourite food: I love tacos! Favourite spot in London: Probably somewhere with a good view of London, such as the Shard, Sky Garden and the restaurant Duck & Waffle. I would highly recommend Learning English in London at the 30+ school. Come and have fun with us along … Read more

A testimonial by Monica Lazzeri

Here is a testimonial by Monica Lazzeri, from Italy. She studied at EC London 30+ for 3 weeks.     Why did you choose to study with EC? It was included in my “Erasmus” project. The project choose EC College.   What do you like about London? What do you like about the school? About London: museums, activities, artistic or typical places like Camden or Notting Hill About the school: the central location, teachers, free activities What will be your most unforgettable memory be of EC? Lessons with activities, try to speak with classmates about different habits, work in team, watch videos then discuss.   Would you recommend EC to a friend? Why?  Yes because it’s a very efficient school. Where is your favorite place to hangout in the evenings? What is the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? In some pubs around the city. On Sunday afternoon I like going to the park (Green Park or Hyde Park)     Find out more about EC’s English lessons for adults in London.

CELTA London: Innovative English Language Teaching

  Are you thinking about taking CELTA in London? Whether you are already teaching English as a second language (ESL) or considering doing so as an exciting new full/part-time career, EC Language Schools can offer you a rewarding professional development experience. English is by far the fastest growing language worldwide. At any given time over half a billion people from China to Chile are seeking to learn English as the preferred second language. The demand for CELTA qualified teachers continues to grow. Language schools in countries around the globe need well trained teachers. The CELTA certification developed by Cambridge University is the most recognized and respected qualification available for both current and future teachers. EC Language Schools, at their flagship school in central London will be offering the 4 week course from Monday October 8, 2018. Classes are small. You will have the opportunity to learn, work with and socially interact with other like minded teachers. You will also experience and major language school in full operation with students from over 40 countries engaging daily with each other and their teachers. It’s a dynamic and fun environment. You’ll meet new friends and you’ll learn the most up to date teaching methods from some of the best teacher trainers in the world. Guess what?  Don’t worry but you’ll be in front of an eager class of international students teaching before the end of your first week. That’s the CELTA way you learn not only basic language knowledge but also practical teaching skills with lots of real life experience from the beginning of the  program. CELTA will make you a better teacher no matter how much teaching experience you have. If you are just beginning this exciting chapter in your career, CELTA London will give you the best possible preparation to be successful. So come … Read more