Words of the Week: Health

It’s pretty cold here in London and everyone’s health is at risk, it seems like everyone in the city is ill. It’s nothing serious of course, just a cold or the flu but it’s everywhere. Just this morning on the tube somebody sneezed on the back of my neck…this was not pl … Read more

Words of the Week: 9 Phrasal verbs

Ahhhh Phrasal verbs. We all love them but in my experience a lot of students in the school are scared of them. DON’T BE!!! They’re just like any other piece of vocabulary. Check out some of the highlighted words below, can you think of any phrasal verbs that you could replace them with, … Read more

Word(s) of the Week: Giving Advice

As an English teacher, I find myself giving a lot of advice to students. This week, I have decided to look at a few different ways / phrases for giving advice. Check out the examples below. Please leave me any comments if you have any questions.   (1) Modal verbs: – You should call your m … Read more