The Lion King

Hello everyone, hope all of you are enjoying London and its surrounding ! On the 18th of June, EC London students had the great pleasure to enjoy some of the beautiful art, London city has to offer. Bright colours, mesmerizing and powerful singing and of course great acting. Twenty of our students had the chance to reminisce about childhood memory for 2 hours and 30 minutes, with The Lion King Musical at Lyceum Theatre. This musical was for us a great way to meet again our childhood friends, Simba, the famous duo Pumba and Timon, as well as chatty bird, Zazu. The Lion King musical was inspired by the original Disney movie The Lion King; indeed, we followed the journey of the little lion Simba, son of the lion king, Mufasa. It will take a long way for Simba to eventually succeed to his father after his death. I can say that I had goosebumps from the first second the musical started with the famous song, “circle of life” and all the majestic animals coming together as one on the stage. I can assure you that our students experienced all stage of emotion starting with laughter thanks to Zazu and the wise monkey Rafiki. The excitement and the satisfaction could be felt as soon as the curtains went down with the large crowd cheering along with the last melody of African percussion. If you are a theatre lover or would like to have your first theatre experience with EC 30+ London, make sure to join the EC London family my dear friends.

A Piece of London Art, by artist, Luis Ignacio Bottaro Paez Pumar

At EC London, we take pride in our wall decorations. We have some wonderful London designs and landscapes, and we were a little nervous when Daniel, our Assistant Director of Studies, proposed that one of his students do a full-size graffiti wall in our main student lounge. Luckily, that student was Luis Ignacio Bottaro Paez Pumar, from Venezuela, who has been having a great EC experience staying with a London Homestay and studying towards his CPE course. Luis started his research in January into the skyline and architecture of London, and in no time at all came up with a proposal for his design. A few minor adjustments were made, and Luis came in last weekend, and spray painted our beloved student lounge wall. Needless the say, the results are stunning. The design features London landmarks, features of the Skyline, the Shard, Wembley Stadium, the British Museum, Camden Market, the Walkie-Talkie Tower, the Tower Bridge, and the brightly coloured London townhouses and blocks have brightened up the whole room. We have had amazing feedback from students, staff and even some of our VIP visitors who come through the school. Luis – you have made a great piece of art and you have left a wonderful legacy on EC London: it will be enjoyed and admired for many, many years to come. Thank you!! If you would like to study English at EC London 30+, please get in contact with us at for more information or have a look at some of our courses we offer. We offer a wide range of Adult English Classes in London.