Coffee, conversation and good company…

On Tuesday 3rd February at 2:15, I had just finished my 3rd and final English lesson of the day, and was feeling a little tired. Then I remembered – I had a coffee and conversation class in the cafe. Now I’ll be honest, all I really wanted to do was go home and crash out, but sitting in the cafe and having a chat isn’t such a bad way to spend an hour. So I climbed the stairs to the cafe and found a couple of students patiently waiting. I sat down, and we started chatting about this and that: the weather, learning English, life in London – the usual stuff. Pretty soon, a few more students arrived, and the conversation turned to travel. Who’s been where and for how long, and where do they want to go next? By this time, there were around half a dozen students, and the conversation was flowing. We got onto the subject of cultural stereotypes and started comparing, laughing at the peculiarities of our respective cultures. Despite the fact that the people around the table were from different backgrounds, we found that we had had a lot of similar experiences (like awkward silences in lifts or when not to offer someone your seat on the tube). When I finally left the cafe I had a smile on my face, and I found myself feeling quite glad I had a coffee and conversation class that day. So if ever you feel like you’re a bit lost in London, try talking to someone – you might be surprised at what you have in common.