Free Events in EC London

As everyone knows we’ve been improving our Social Programme at EC London so that students can have the best learning experience. The Social Programme isn’t just about fun, it’s also about getting EC students using their English, which is why our Academic Team has always offered extra free English classes such as Coffee and Conversation and Pronunication.

In addition, our Academic Team offers free Interview Skills at the end of the month which gives students the opportunity to practice their English in a more formal manner. This will be useful for all of our EC students that are joining our EC Job Club which gives students the information they will need to find a job here in London.

There are also Social Events such as the Student Party where students can go to make new friends and use their English…as well as have some fun. The Football Raffle means that one lucky English student will go to watch a football match with a staff member and get to learn some useful English vocabulary…goal!