Lecture Series Launch for AY30 students

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EC London launches its Academic Year Lecture Series this week. All AY30 students will be expected to attend one lecture every 4 weeks.

Beginner, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate students who take Survival English have a lecture on Thursday 12th March on “Photography”. It takes place at 1pm at Southampton Place. 

Intermediate students and above have their lecture on Tuesday 10th March on “British Music”. It will take place at 1pm at Southampton Place.

Students will be expected to take notes and write a summary of the lecture. The deadline is one week after the lecture

We hope all our AY30 students will enjoy the challenge of attending a lecture- the skills they will be developing will be invaluable* for studying at university or attending presentations at work in the future. We would like you to tell us what you think of the lecture series so that we can continue to improve and develop it. 

We recommend www.uefap.com  for practical tips and help on understanding and using Academic English.

*invaluable (adj) = very useful and  important