If you like music, you’ll love this website!

See full size imageI was reading The Sunday Times today and read an article about Spotify, a website which is like a music library or a jukebox. It has only been around for a month and it is already very popular with music lovers. I had heard about it from two of my colleagues but until today had not tried it myself. After 5 minutes setting up an account (which was free), I was happily navigating the site and building my own music library – it was so easy. You cannot download the music but you can listen to the whole song for free and create your own playlists – great to listen to your favourite songs and discover new musical tastes.

I’d really recommend it. To try it visit: www.spotify.com

How can it help your English?

  • Listening practice 
  • New vocabulary
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Something to talk to your classmates about!

Happy listening!


The Sunday Times  (n.) – a popular broadsheet newspaper with many extra features

a jukebox (countable n.) – a machine which stores music and allows people to choose what they listen to. Usually found in pubs.

be around (v.) – to be in existance

navigate  (v.) –  to find your way or direction