April 1st – will YOU be fooled?

Tomorrow is the first day of April, a day we also call “April Fools‘ Day”. It is quite common for people to play jokes on others, tell lies or generally be a bit silly. There is usually a story in the newspaper or on the radio which sounds unbelievable – and it probably is! But if you’re gullible, then you may fall for it and end up feeling like a fool when you realise it is all a hoax.

Do you celebrate April Fools’ Day? Or have you ever been the fool of someone else’s joke or hoax?

You can read about past April Fools’ Day hoaxes if you visit:


Useful language:

a fool (n.c) = someone who is not very clever or who acts silly

gullible (adj. negative) = describes someone who believes everything they hear or see without questioning it

to fall for a joke/hoax (phrasal verb) = to believe something completely without questioning it

a hoax (n.unc) = a situation that has been created to make someone believe it but which is completely untrue

Have fun and don’t be fooled!