Flash mob today in Trafalgar Square @ 6pm!

Have you seen the latest T-Mobile advert? The one with all the people dancing in Liverpool Street Station?  This was an example of a flash mob and there may be one today in Trafalgar Square at 6pm (according to a radio station this morning). If you don’t have any other plans, why not turn up? … Read more

Credit Crunch Tip for the EC London Study Room

This week I began my project of improving our Self-Access Study Centre (a.k.a. The Study Room). I was amazed to see how many useful books, tapes and activities there are hiding there for both students and teachers. It reminded me of a credit crunch tip I had heard on the radio the other day. The DJ … Read more

Postcode personalities: you are where you live

I read a very interesting article today in The Times newspaper which  suggested that people from certain areas within the UK share certain personality characteristics. For example, Londoners were said to be more open and extrovert but less friendly than other parts of Britain, whereas people from th … Read more

You’re in the driving seat!

Although your teacher can help you to improve your English, to really get the best out of your lessons, you need to help yourself too. But how? Study skills. By developing an organised approach to your learning, you can really make a difference to how you learn and use English. Here are a few tips: … Read more

Multi-destination EC Teachers!

You may have heard of our Multi-Destination Programme which enables EC students to spend 12 weeks in 2 or more of our EC schools, for example, 12 weeks in London and 12 weeks in Malta. It’s a great way to experience different English-speaking countries and different varieties of English, with … Read more


Q. What is IRS? a. A government tax department? b. A political organisation? c. An opportunity to improve your English skills outside the classroom? If you answered c., you are correct. IRS stands for ‘Independent Research Skills’, and is an ideal opportunity for AY30 students to develop … Read more

Hi, Dan here, your friendly Academic Year Coordinator… So, what exactly is this Academic Year business? Well, it’s simple really. If you’re a student at an EC school for 24 weeks or more, you’re officially an Academic Year student.  Ok, but what does that mean? Good question. … Read more

Hi Guys, here’s another pub in Camden. It’s quite a unique place, and you can meet lots of very, very interesting people here. Check it out and let me know what you think: The Devonshire Arms 33 Kentish Town Rd. The Devonshire Arms is the perfect pub to meet Goth/Cyberpunk types of peopl … Read more

Cambridge Exam Preparation course: workbooks

If you are attending a Cambridge exam prep course for the June session and would like to buy a workbook for further practice, pop into Reception and pick up a map for our local bookshop. For further exam practice, visit www.flo-joe.co.uk. Do you know any other useful sites for preparing for the FCE, … Read more