Multi-destination EC Teachers!

You may have heard of our Multi-Destination Programme which enables EC students to spend 12 weeks in 2 or more of our EC schools, for example, 12 weeks in London and 12 weeks in Malta. It’s a great way to experience different English-speaking countries and different varieties of English, with the advantage of the familiarity of an EC school. But it’s not just our students who are Multi-destinational…our teachers sometimes work in different centres too. For example, here at EC London, we have a teacher who has taught at EC Cape Town, three who have taught at EC Malta and one who has taught at EC Brighton. Some of our non-teaching staff that work in Reception have also worked in other centres around the world.

So,  if you’d like to know more about life and study in another EC location, why not ask one of our Multi-destination teachers or staff? They’d love to tell you about the culture and the best places to visit!

Grammar spot:

Many students find it difficult to use the words in bold above.

What kind of words are they and why do we use them?