You’re in the driving seat!

Although your teacher can help you to improve your English, to really get the best out of your lessons, you need to help yourself too.

But how?

Study skills. By developing an organised approach to your learning, you can really make a difference to how you learn and use English. Here are a few tips:

1. Keep a vocabulary book – only record vocabulary here, and organise the pages by topic (for example, food and drink, sport, phrasal verbs, etc.)

2. Buy an English-English dictionary – tick off the words you look up; 3 ticks = a word worth remembering

3. Buy a ring-binder folder – this will help to organise all the photocopies your teacher gives you

Ok, so I’ve got you started. Now it’s up to you.

For Academic Year students, there’s an extra bit of help for you – the new ‘My Language Portfolio’, which contains all sorts of advice for getting organised with your study. Just find Dan in the teacher’s room to get yours!