A wee wedding weekend (in Scotland)

I went to Scotland for the first time last weekend for a wedding and discovered much about the countryside, the culture and the language. The Highlands are spectacularly beautiful, the people are friendly and laugh a lot and the accent is not as difficult to understand as many people might think. I … Read more

A creative moment

I took part in the hat making workshop on Thursday afternoon. Corinne, our teacher, who is an artist too explained to EC London students how to create hats. She brought lots of different stuff (tissues, buttons,…). Students were really creative but there were no boys, where were you??? Written … Read more

Absolute Ice bar London

EC London students, afraid of freezing? No? So go to the ice bar in London and you will get a new freezing experience. I came to the bar with my friends; it was really funny and cool. I suggest you go for a drink to this pub. It costs £12.50 (drink included) BUT take with you a warm cardigan, otherw … Read more

Having fun at the Welcome drinks event !!!

Yesterday was the first day for the new students and like every Monday afternoon, we went to the White Hart, a typical British pub. It was the first time for me because I am at EC London’s reception and it is a good opportunity to have a drink together. So why not come again?? I will be waitin … Read more

It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?

Hello! It’s Dan here, your friendly Academic Year Coordinator. When I speak to students about how their studies are progressing, they often tell me that they would like to improve their speaking. No surprise, really –  speaking English well is important for careers, studies, and of cours … Read more

Coffee and conversation at EC London

Paolo, one of our EC London teachers, recently held one of our weekly FREE! coffee and conversation classes. Here is a quick summary of  what they talked about: Initially there was only one student (Sandra from Brazil) and as we both come from developing countries the conversation was mainly about t … Read more

The Trainline.com

Have you travelled outside of London recently? Try it – you might like it! We all know that London is a fantastic city (that’s why we’re here) but sometimes it’s nice to get out and explore the rest of the country too and what better way to do it than by train? Last weekend I … Read more

Welcome event – New venue!

The White Hart pub on Drury Lane replaced Waxy’s as the new Monday welcome event venue this week when Laura B took the new students along for a celebratory drink and chat at the end of their first day. The welcome event is designed to allow students to spend some time with each other and an EC … Read more

The Secret…

Would you like to visit the Moon? Would you like to live on the moon? If living on the moon meant living for 200 years, would you consider moving there?

London Train Stations North of the River ?

Does anybody know why so many of the London overground stations are located just north of the river Thames ? the trains come from the south, cross a bridge and then stop. I would have thought it would have been much cheaper to locate the stations south of the river and have a footbridge to take peop … Read more