Coffee and conversation at EC London

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Paolo, one of our EC London teachers, recently held one of our weekly FREE! coffee and conversation classes. Here is a quick summary of  what they talked about:

Initially there was only one student (Sandra from Brazil) and as we both come from developing countries the conversation was mainly about the contrast between rich and poor (and the resulting problems) in cities like Rio and Johannesburg.  As more students started arriving our conversation changed to accommodate the rest of the students.  We then started talking about socialising with other students and how much easier it is to communicate when you are in a relaxed environment and with people you feel comfortable with.  the conversation then turned to careers and the interesting subjects that the students had all studied.  By this time there were seven students from a number of different countries who had all studied something completely different.  We talked about chemical engineering, teaching, social work and photography.  We also discussed typical interview questions and how important it is to have answers to difficult questions prepared.  A lot of new vocabulary came up for example the nouns weakness, industry and field.

If you would like to join our Coffee and Conversation classes, come to EC London’s Study Room and sign up! There are usually two or three sessions a week, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. All the information is on the sign-up sheet and on the Social Programme posters.

See you there soon!