A wee wedding weekend (in Scotland)

I went to Scotland for the first time last weekend for a wedding and discovered much about the countryside, the culture and the language. The Highlands are spectacularly beautiful, the people are friendly and laugh a lot and the accent is not as difficult to understand as many people might think. I would certainly like to return to see more of the country and would definitely recommend a visit.

What do you think the following pictures represent about Scottish culture?
(The vocabulary focus below may be useful!)

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Learn English – Scottish vocabulary focus:

  • wee (adj)  = small e.g. When I was a wee child, I used to play games with my neighbours.
  • a ceilidh (n) = a traditional Scottish dance where everyone can join in
  • shinty (n) = a Scottish game, similar to ice hockey but played on grass
  • tartan (n/adj) = a type of pattern used to make kilts
  • a kilt (n) = traditional dress for men in Scotland. A skirt for Scottish men
  • a loch (n) = a lake in Scottish English