Getting a National Insurance Number

Students who would like to apply for paid work in the UK need a National Insurance Number (NIN). First things first, you need to call 08456 000 643 and explain that you are an international student and that you are looking or have found work. They will ask you a couple of questions, don’t be a … Read more

Can you get free health care?

National Health Service Many International students will be able to use the National Health Service (NHS), which offers free health care. If you are from a European Economic Area (EEA), you qualify for full NHS treatment, you should get a European Health Insurance card before coming to the UK. EEA c … Read more

EC London Junior Groups

Summer is well and truly here, even though the weather may suggest otherwise! For us here at EC London that signals the arrival of junior students. This summer we have around two hundred students joining us from Italy. They come here for an intense two week English course which combines English lang … Read more

Michael Jackson: Love and Laughter in Lyrics

I was just reading one of the comments on the blog and a good question was asked. Are we going to write a blog about Michael Jackson? And as it happens, I am sitting here, listening to the King himself, on spotify. But I thought I should connect his music to learning English. Personally, when I was … Read more


What do the following have in common? Music Photography Art Football Switzerland Food Cricket Yes, they’re all nouns, but they are also the subjects of recent lectures carried out by teachers and students alike, as part of the new Academic Year Programme… In every second week of the 4-week elective … Read more

Coffee and Conversation with Saffron: Week 2

Coffee & Conversation@EC London: Wednesday 8th July At today’s coffee & conversation we had three students, one from France, one from Colombia and one from Switzerland. None of us had met before so we introduced ourselves and talked a little about where we are from and our lives at home. We … Read more

Academic Trip to Malta!

It seems like a long time ago now, but at the start of June I finished my exams and the school decided to get rid of me for a few days, by sending me to the centre of the EC Universe, the beautiful Island of Malta. I had never been before, here are some collected thoughts: 10 things I learnt about M … Read more