The Glastonbury Festival


Rain, alcohol, smelly toilets and loud music. No, it’s not Friday night in the local pub, it’s the greatest British music festival ever – Glastonbury!

So what is it? It’s a 3 day music festival, held in June every year, on a huge farm in Glastonbury. Bands from all over the world come to play, and this year 177,000 people attended. The first one was in 1970, which means that next year will be the 40th anniversary.

This year, I decided to go along, and I had a really great time. There were lots of famous acts there, such as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Blur, as well as many less well-known groups. Most people go for all three days, and camp in a field. It’s a fantastic experience, but it’s nice to get home and have a shower!

One of the best things about the festival is that it’s a really good way to experience a different side to British culture – everyone is a little friendlier, and there is a real sense of freedom that you don’t often find in the big cities.

If you want to experience a music festival in Britain, but can’t wait until June next year, there are a few others you can try – just pick up the Q magazine festival guide from a HMV record shop (there’s one in Covent Garden).

Also, the BBC has a website that is showing all the best parts of Glastonbury 2009 – go to:

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