Coffee and conversation with Saffron

As a new teacher here at EC London, I was excited about taking my first coffee and conversation class, as I was keen to meet some of the students and get to know them a little. Today, two students came – Bibiana from Colombia and Mayerly from Venezuela. We began the class by talking a bit about ourselves – where we are from, our jobs and how long we have been staying in London. Both Bibiana and Mayerly have very interesting jobs – Bibiana is an engineer and Mayerly is a lawyer.

We then discussed what we like to do in our free time and discovered that we all enjoy dancing. The students both like salsa, which is a dance from Latin America.

I asked the students what they liked and didn’t like about London. Both students mentioned the architecture here, in particular, the ‘Gherkin’, a modern building in the east of the city and Tower Bridge. Crossing the River Thames at night when the bridges and walkways are lit up was also a favourite sight.

Predictably, one thing the students didn’t like about London was the weather! Although we are having very good weather at the moment, most of the time the weather here is not great, but it is something English people love talking and complaining about. However, the students told me that they did like the experience of the changing seasons here, as in both Venezuela and Colombia the weather stays very much the same the whole year round. As this is hot and sunny, it sounds very good to me.

I recently travelled to South America and so the conversation led on to travel and food in different parts of the world. We talked about favourite foods from where we are from and I would love to try some of the dishes they described to me. Again, a common complaint about England is the food, but we all agreed that fish and chips are very tasty. I tried to describe what a ‘yorkshire pudding’ is, but I think I made it sound a lot less appetising than it really is! I made such a bad job of describing it that I won’t try again here, but they are good, so please try one if you see it on a menu in a restaurant.

I really enjoyed my first class at EC. I learned a lot about the students and the conversation was fun and interesting and I was made to feel very welcome. I’m looking forward to next week already and hope to see Mayerly and Bibiana again as well as some new faces.

By Saffron Holloway, EC London teacher