Michael Jackson: Love and Laughter in Lyrics

I was just reading one of the comments on the blog and a good question was asked.
Are we going to write a blog about Michael Jackson? And as it happens, I am sitting here, listening to the King himself, on spotify. But I thought I should connect his music to learning English.

Personally, when I was learning Hebrew, I found that a great way of learning new words was to listen to a song, write down the lyrics and then check whether I had written them down correctly or not. I often recommend this study skill to students and very often they come and ask me what something means. However, occasionally it has the opposite effect and students come and ask me about Hip Hop lyrics. For example, TuPac Shakur. What does “the click you claim” and “equipped with game” mean? For the life of me, I have no idea!
There’s a task for you….try and re-write the above expressions in ENGLISH?

As much as I love Michael Jackson’s songs, I have always had this fear that a student will come and ask me what “tunup de kollan” means or “asunus disregard” (lyrics from Man in the Mirror). Or why he starts to sing about wine in Man in the Mirror – “That’s a wine I want you to know”. Thankfully, we have the internet I have just looked them up and found out that “tunup de kollan” is actually “turn up the collar on” and “asunus disregard” is “a summer’s disregard”.

I’m not the only one confusing lyrics and this website has a list of typical errors-

See if you can find out what the real lyrics are to these songs:

“A Hard a Day’s Night” – The Beatles
Misheard Lyrics: I should be sleeping like a dove.
Original Lyrics:____________________________

“Man in the Mirror” – Michael Jackson
Misheard Lyrics: I’m asking him to shave his face.
Original Lyrics:____________________________

“Always” – Bon Jovi
Misheard Lyrics: I’ll be there where the sun don’t shine.
Original Lyrics:____________________________

Now I’m going to get a little more sentimental. I know Michael Jackson was a controversial man, but no-one can deny that he was a true artist and entertainer. His songs will make you dance, think, laugh and cry. His songs had a message and I think people should be able to see the good that he did and realize that you don’t have to be rich and famous to make a change and improve the lives of those that need help.

Michael Jackson