Coffee and Conversation with Christina

Last week I had the pleasure of holding two coffee and conversation classes in the EC cafe. I didn’t know who I would meet or what kinds of conversations to expect! In the first session I met a French student who is passionate about photography and loves London! She was having some trouble with her bank, which meant that she didn’t have access to any cash for the whole day. This didn’t stop her at all! Her plan for the afternoon was to walk down to the National Gallery and check out some FREE exhibitions, yes, in London most galleries have free exhibitions!!

We were later joined by two more students and we talked about their views of London. I was surprised to hear that they were a bit ‘bored’ outside of school. This surprised me as I have lived in London for 3 years and I still haven’t ever been bored! I suggested things to do in London, like visiting the markets at the weekend (Portobello, Brick Lane, Spittalfields, etc.) I also told the boys to buy Time Out Magazine which is a weekly paper that lists EVERYTHING that is happening in London that week. There is no way that anyone can get bored in a city like London with so much going on. As a famous author once said, When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

I spent my second coffee and conversation session chatting to two Spanish girls who were making the most of their month in London! They had been out the night before
enjoying the London night life and were excitedly making plans for the weekend. We talked about the differences between London and Madrid – both cities are crazy and have a good night life! Apparently the London traffic is a bit crazier though. We couldn’t talk about the two countries without mentioning the differences in the weather, of course they preferred the sunny London weather to the rainy Spanish weather – hmmm, or was it the other way around??

Coffee and Conversation is held twice or three times a week in EC London’s Cafe – and it’s FREE! Sign up outside the Study Roomm 🙂