Top 10 First Day questions

EVERY MONDAY, new students start their English language course with us at EC London. During the test, every student has a short interview to talk about why they are learning English and what their aims and objectives are for their English course at EC. Here are some of the most popular first day questions:

1. What is my timetable?

2. How can I get an oyster card?

3. Where is the British museum?

4. Where is my class?

5. How many students are there from my country?

6. What’s in the social programme?

7. Can I borrow DVDs or books?

8. Who do I speak to about my accommodation?

9. Can I choose my timetable?

10. When can I get my test result?

So, what are the answers? See if you know the answers already – I will post them soon! 🙂