Top 10 First Day questions…answered!

A little while ago, I posted the Top 10 questions asked by our students on their first day at EC London. Here are the answers or the people you will need to speak to for more information. Remember, if you have any questions about your course, you can speak to your teacher or come to the Teachers’ Room to speak to Rich or Dan, the Study Room to speak to Amanda or Reception to speak to Sam. We look forward to welcoming you to the school!

1. What is my timetable?

On your first day you will attend an Academic Induction with the Assistant Director of Studies or the Director of Studies. They will explain when your lessons will take place and you will be given a handout which explains the timetable. In general, if your course is 1-23 weeks, you may have lessons in the mornings and afternoons. However, there are exceptions. One of the academic team will be very happy to explain your timetable personally on your first day. Don’t forget to give us your email address with all your details – we email out the school timetables every Friday and Monday nights.

2. How can I get an oyster card?

Come to Reception and speak to our Customer Services Officer about getting an oyster card (a travel card for London).

3. Where is the British museum?

The British Museum is 5 minutes walk from EC London Stukeley Street. In your handbook, you will have a map with all our teaching centres and we’ll be happy to show you where the museum is – just ask in Reception!

4. Where is my class?

On your first day, our Assistant Director of Studies will answer all your academic questions, including WHERE your lessons will be.  We have several teaching centres, all within close distance to the main school. On your first day you will take part in local tour in teams.

5. How many students are there from my country?

We have a maximum of 20% of any nationality in the school at one time. There are approximately 35 different nationalities in the school at the moment so there are lots of opportunities to meet new people and discover new cultures.

6. What’s in the social programme?

There is a large social programme activity board outside the EC Cafe and you will receive the social programme by email every Friday from Geoff, our Social Activity Co-ordinator. There are free Coffee and Conversation classes, a free Pronunciation class, a Jobclub, a sports club, weekly excursions and MUCH more. Speak to Geoff on Fridays in the EC Cafe if you have some suggestions.

7. Can I borrow DVDs or books?

Definitely! Come to our Study Room on the first floor of Building 1 and you can borrow graded readers, novels, DVDs, videos, dictionaries (all for a deposit). Please speak to Amanda, our Academic Assistant, who can give you recommendations for extra study.

8. Who do I speak to about my accommodation?

If it’s about a Host Family, please speak to Tanya. If it’s about a Student Residence, please speak to Nikki. They both work in Reception.

9. Can I choose my timetable?

Please come and speak to Sam or Rich if you have specific timetable requests.

10. When can I get my test result?

There is a test review EVERY THURSDAY at 2.15 in the Study Room. We can show you your test (or retest) and suggest some areas to work on. We can also give you worksheets, exercises or websites to help you reach your language goals.

So  – those were the answers! Please remember – if you have a question or you are not happy about something in the school, come and talk to us. We have an open-door policy so we will always try to be available to discuss your needs. 🙂