Coffee and Conversation with Saffron 14/10/09

Today in coffee and conversation we concentrated on honing our ‘small talk’ skills and asking questions. As a student, you get used to answering questions but it can sometimes be difficult to ask them- an important part of any conversation!

We started off in pairs taking it in turns to think of questions for a list of answers I had prepared. As the students found this quite easy, I then asked them to find out some things about each other,  avoiding too obvious subjects such as where we are from or how long we are in London, as these are too easy! Afterwards, each pair told the group what they had found out about each other.

Jenny from Germany and Mayerly from Venuzuela talked about their likes and dislikes of fashion and style as well as activities they enjoy doing.

Elke from Germany and Jana from Slovenia talked a lot about each other’s lives and we discovered that Elke speaks five languages, including French and Italian.

Maria from Italy and I talked about our home life and family, finding out that we both have young nephews.

Afterwards, we had a very lively group discussion about horoscopes, talking about our own star sign and whether we are like the type of person our star sign describes. We all felt that we had some characteristics in common with our star sign, but not others. We agreed that none of us really believed in our horoscopes, but we sometimes enjoyed reading them anyway. We found out some interesting things about the kinds of people we are and some similarities and differences in our personalities that made me feel we had got to know each other quite well in a short space of time.

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and am really looking forward to the next one.

‘Small talk’ – subjects that are suitable for social situations with people you don’t know very well, subjects that anyone can talk about.