EC London Student Christmas Party

Come to reception after your English lessons to get your FREE ticket for our Student Christmas Party on Thursday 17th December 2009. It’s at a internationally recognised London night club – see posters around the school for details. Well done to Geoff for organisnig such a fantastic venu … Read more

Coffee and Conversation 25/11/09

Due to the terrible rainy weather we’ve had recently, today in coffee and conversation I wanted to talk about holidays. I asked Mayerly from Venezuela and Juan from Colombia to tell me about their ideal holiday; where they would travel to, who they would go with and what kinds of things they w … Read more

EC Trip to Brighton

After the threat of storms and gales, it was a great relief when Sunday morning greeted us with wintry sunshine. 11 of us set off from Victoria to take the 60 minute train to Brighton. The late autumn countryside was lovely to see and it wasn’t long before we were walking through the ‘Lanes’ and enj … Read more

Coffee and Conversation 18/11/09

This week in coffee and conversation I met Dongseung from South Korea. He spent 6 months living in Cambridge before coming to London in September. We talked a little about the differences between the architecture in London and in Seoul. Dongseung said he liked the historical buildings here as Seoul … Read more

EC Schools: 5-a-side Football World Cup

This has been one of the years most keenly anticipated events and it was the first time that EC London, EC Brighton and EC Cambridge had competed against each other to prove their footballing expertise. Each school recruited 3 teams and the EC London teams contained a very keen contingent of pupils … Read more