Coffee & Conversation Extravaganza

Conversation Peice (69K Jpeg)

Today was perhaps the biggest group for coffee and conversation so far. I was joined by students from Turkey, Germany, Japan and Korea for a very lively discussion on a range of subjects from politics to love and romance.

The students chose the subjects for discussion, the most popular being social kissing, relationships, marriage and how to be an ideal husband or wife! I wondered what the students meant by social kissing – it’s actually the number of times you kiss someone when you meet them – different for different cultures, ranging from four to no kisses at all! It can be embarrassing if you don’t know! We also discussed whether it’s acceptable to ‘snog’ in public!

As for relationships and marriage – well, I now have a very long list of what makes an ideal husband / boyfriend from the ladies (photocopies available on request) but a comparatively short list of what makes an ideal girlfriend / wife from the men – in fact, I think it was only three things – interesting…

Anyway, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining conversation – I look forward to the next installment…!

Written by Michael K