EC London Children in Need

Dear All,

On Friday 20th of November  EC London held a series of events for Children in Need, a national charity to help children who  need help and support. Staff had to come in fancy dress with the theme being the first letter of your name deciding the costume that you would wear. eg Amanda = A = Angel

We also organised a donation box and a raffle which was highly successful.

We would like to thank all the staff and students at EC London for helping to raise the grand total of £118.10 for this most worthy cause. Please see some wonderful pictures of Laura ‘B’ as ‘Batgirl’ taking a payment from a walk in. Nothing can phase her!!! But the students did look a trifle bemused 🙂

In case you can’t quite work it our Rich is rambo and Sam’s the school girl…

Next up will be our Christmas party so watch this space.

Vocab Corner:

fancy dress = wearing clothes that make you look like another person/type of person

trifle = litte bit  ,  bemused = confused but entertained  ,  donation = giving something for free